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13-04-10, 14:05
I am relisting family names in hopes of finding more information:

Leo Nyman b 2/01/1923
father- Karl Hugo Nyman b2/18/1891 (Parents Karl and Mathilda)
mother -Tyyne Sivia Karmeniemi b5/10/1896 born Viborg, Finland (Parents Adam and Hilda)

Irene Johnson b 10/06/1018
father- Alexander Kaipianen b7/10/1876 born Viborg, Finland (Parents
Timmerman and Hilda)
mother- Mary Kaukiainen b1/06/1885 born Sakkijarvi, Finland (Parents Eric and Helena)

Leo and Irene were my parents. Their parents were all born in Finland and emigrated to New York in the early 1900's.

Thank you for any information. Sandra Kinsey

Tapio Rautio
13-04-10, 18:06
Hi Sandra!


Newer pictures are for members only, however i can see
Helena Johansdr b. 26.10.1856.

And the children:
Simo 26.12.1882
Maria 06.01.1885
Sofia 28.08.1887
Valpuri 20.01.1889
Emilia 12.12.1890

Säkkijärvi - married

Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm

15.12.1850 Kaukeal: Kaukeain B:s: Fredrik Mattsson B:d:r Maria Henr:d:r Karval: Kangas Kolka

Säkkijärvi - christened

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

4.8.1852 14.8.1852 Kaukeal: Kaukeain Fredrik Mattsson Maria Henr:d:r -34 Anna

2.3.1855 7.3.1855 Kaukeala, Kaukinen Fredrik Mattsson Maria Henrikdr Erik

original - KARJ:AISPVM: 21.5.1834
24.11.1858 2.12.1858 Kaukiala, Kaukiain Fredrik Mattsson Maria Henrikdr Anders

original - KARJ:AISPVM: 21.5.1834
14.8.1861 16.8.1861 Kaukiala, Kaukinen Fredrik Mattsson Maria Henrikdr Samuel

original - KARJ:AISPVM: 21.5.1834
21.8.1865 9.9.1865 Kaukiala Kaukeain Fredrik Mattsson Maria Henrikdr Sofia

23.3.1870 4.4.1870 Kaukiala Kaukiain torp Fredrik Mattsson Maria Henriksdr Matts

16.3.1873 30.3.1873 Kaukiala inh. Fredrik Mattssn Kaukiain Maria Henriksdr Jonas


Tapio Rautio
13-04-10, 18:57

Säkkijärvi - christened

Years 1856 - 1856
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

26.10.1856 28.10.1856 Sandapukki Johan Pohlsson Sofia Jörandr Helena

Lavola Sipilä
Sofia Jöransdr 04.03.1812.


13-04-10, 23:09
Tapio -
Hello and thank you! The Finnish I learned as a child has all but escaped my memory but I am so excited to learn more about my Finnish heritage.

I am carefully compiling as much information as possible so my daughters and granddaughters will have an easier time learning about the family.

Sandra Kinsey