View Full Version : Help needed to find some old books...

18-05-10, 19:19
Hello - I like to find old books and pamphlets written by Nikolai Koskela, Richard Pesola or/and Matti Kainu. Their books were published in about 1900-1930 in U.S or Canada. They are written in Finnish but I cannot find them in Finland. - I'm interested to get copies or atleast to know the names of those books.

Karen Norwillo
18-05-10, 21:39
I don't know if this is of any help, but I Googled the names and found Richard Pesola was an editor of Työmies Society (the Worker) which was founded in Worcester, MA in 1903, then moved to Hancock, MI 1904 and finally to Superior, WI 1914-1998 when it published it's last issue. Both he and Matti Kainu are mentioned in a book by Elis Sulkanen called "Amerikan Suomalaisen Tyovaenliikkeen Historia" 1951. Matti on page 87 Iron Belt and Richard pages 79,87. He is also mentioned in "Toveritar Kymmenvoutias 1911-1921 Muistojulkaisu" Astoria, OR. page 24 Cleveland. I got no hits on Nikolai Koskela.