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June Pelo
15-07-10, 20:56
I have a query asking the origin of the Skriko name, presently found in Nedervetil. Is there a possibility it originated in Scotland? I have many Skriko names in my family, but don't know the origin. The earliest name I have is Olof Mattsson Huntus-Skriko, b. 1680 in Vetil, who moved to Nedervetil. Evidently there is a connection between the Sjelvgren and Skriko families.

K-G Molander
18-07-10, 21:48
Some random ideas.

1. Free Internet Dictionary: skrike [skraɪk] vb (intr)
Northern English dialect to cry

2. Encyclopedia Britannica: skrike See Mistleteo-thrush

3. Swedish: Skrik / Skrika / Skriker A loud scream.

June Pelo
18-07-10, 22:14
Thanks. I'm going to ask a relative in Nedervetil about the name, but it's July and he has taken his July holiday, so I'll have to wait a while until he returns.