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Karen Norwillo
20-07-10, 16:05
I am wondering if this spelling, Häsjebacka, is the same as Hästbacka in later records? Or is this entirely a separate name? (Found in Terjärv in the 1700's.)
Lisa Andersdotter, born to Anders Häsjebacka 13 Jul 1748, but listed as Gräsinbacka, why? All the other children are Häsjebacka. I could find no Gräsinbacka in Terjärv on Hiski.

Jaska Sarell
20-07-10, 23:17
Though my knowledge of Terjärv is somewhat limited, Häsjebacka (later listed in Kyrkby, "Church Village") is definitely different farm than Hästbacka in Hästbacka village.

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
20-07-10, 23:23
Thanks, Jaska. I've been entering new info into my data and this was the first time I came across this name.

Karen Norwillo
21-07-10, 02:45
On Hiski for birth of Lisa Andersdotter, she is born on Häsjebacka farm. I even Googled the name Gräsinbacka and got no hits. Also no hits on Hiski under "all", but 2 Gedcoms on Talko have this as her name???

21-07-10, 23:41
On the north side of the road that goes from Terjärv toward Kolam [Kolamvägen] or in Finnish [Kolamintie], there is a road that is called Krasslandintie or in Swedish, Krassländsvägen. This is the road that also goes to the Emet Folk Park.

Perhaps there is also a farm name with that name, but somehow changed from "G" to "K".

Leo Furu
30-07-10, 21:53
If you search for Terjärv in googlemaps you get a map where you can see Bredbackavägen southwest from to point. Hasjebacka fram is on a hill between Bredbackavägen and Hemsjön lake.


Karen Norwillo
31-07-10, 16:32
Thanks, Leo.