View Full Version : Matts Andersson Hästbacka

Karen Norwillo
21-07-10, 04:43
Am I correct that the Matts Andersson Hästbacka born 1730 in Terjärv, christened 26.12.1730, son of Anders Mattsson Svartsjö and Brita Jacobsdr. Hästbacka, was married twice? First marriage to Anna Carlsdotter Kolam in 1748 and then to Elsa Andersdotter Hästbacka in 1766. If so, he fathered a total of 19 children. WOW!! Even though at least 7 of them died very young, that's alot of kids.:eek:

June Pelo
21-07-10, 10:42
Yes, it's true. I remember coming across a relative from the 1700s who had 16 children, all with one wife. Most died and only one survived. High infant mortality was common during that time period.

Becky Siebold
21-07-10, 23:45
My grandparents had a total of 19 children. All their children are still alive except the last one, she died shortly after birth.