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27-07-10, 16:43
I am researching my great grandmother's side of the family. I have a piece of paper in her handwriting, written in Swedish, that gives quite a bit of information starting with her great grandfather. Therefore, I'm missing two key pieces to my puzzle: her father and grandfather's names. I will post what I know and if anyone has any suggestions, that would be great. Thank you.

My great grandmother:
Anna Lisa Isacsson
b. 4 Sep 1887 in Maxmo, Finland

Her great grandfather:
Abraham Abrahamsson
b. 24 Aug 1797
d. 29 Jul 1856
Married on 7 Jul 1817 to:
Lisa Henriksdotter
b. 1 Dec 1794
d. 1 or 2 Oct 1859

They had 7 children. Two boys passed away before the age of 2. And they had thee girls. Therefore, I assume since the papers are of her paternal side there are only two options for her grandfather. They are:

Abraham Abrahamsson
b. 14 Oct 1817


Anders Abrahamsson
b. 29 Dec 1823

Tapio Rautio
27-07-10, 18:36
Hello Hilary!

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This chart is from Arne Nylunds gedcom at Talko.


Tapio Rautio
27-07-10, 21:17
Here is another chart by Torbjörn Nikus also from the Talko database.

In this chart nr. 13 Saaripää Lisa Henriksdotter born 01.12.1794 in
Palhojainen, Storkyro has the parents Henrik Andersson and Maria Johansdaughter.

By using the hiski search engine, choose Isokyrö:

Isokyrö - Storkyro - christened

Father's first name: HENRIK => Henrik
Father's patronymic: ANDERS => Anders, Anderssom
Mother's first name: MARIA => Maria, Mariaana
Mother's patronymic: JOHAN => Johans, Johan Gustafsd:r, Johan Gustafs dotter, Johanssin, Johansdotte
Child's first name: LISA => Elisabet
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

1.12.1794 1.12.1794 Palhoj. Saripä Dr. Henr And:sson Maria Joh:sdr Lisa

A total of 1 events found.

Isokyrö - Storkyro - married

Years - 1794
Man's first name: HENRIK => Henrik
Man's patronymic: ANDERS => Anders, Anderssom
Wife's first name: MARIA => Maria, Mariaana
Wife's patronymic: JOHAN => Johans, Johan Gustafsd:r, Johan Gustafs dotter, Johanssin, Johansdotte
Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm

4.5.1794 Prästegården Drg. Henric Andersson Pig. Maria Johsdr. Ikola Gumsila

The original picture of the marriage can be found here:

On the right side 7th marriage.

Back to the hiski search engine:
Maxmo - Maksamaa - moved (in)

First name: HENRIK => Henrik
Patronymic: ANDERS => Anders, Anders:s Israël, Anders Gustafss., Anders Esaiasson
To From
Departure Arrival Village Farm Person Place

15.11.1796 Kjercklax Sold. Henric Anderson Stormhatt Storkyrå

original - MUUTTONRO: 4
person: h:run Maria Johansd:r
person: d:r Lisa

A total of 1 events found.

Maxmo - Maksamaa - married

Man's first name: ABRAHAM => Aabraham, Abrahams
Man's patronymic: ABRAHAMA => Abrahams
Wife's first name: LISA => Elisabet
Wife's patronymic: HENRIK => Henriks
Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm

7.7.1817 Qvimo Bde:s Abraham Abrah:s Borgmästar Pgn Lisa Henriksdr Esars i Kerk:

A total of 1 events found.

Maxmo - Maksamaa - buried

First name: MARIA => Maria
Patronymic: JOHAN => Johans, Johans:a, Johan Eriksdr, Johan Eriksson, Johan Eriksdotter, Johan Fredriksson, Johansdott., Johanss:ns, Johansson, Simonsson, Johanss. d.y., Johan Erikss., Johan Ers.
Last name: STORMHATT => Stormhatt, Stormhatts

Died Buried Village Farm Person Cause yrs m. w. d.

1.1.1853 6.1.1853 Quimo Borgm: soldat enk. Maria Joh:d: Stormhatt åld.sv. 81 27

A total of 1 events found.

And back to Isokyrö because Maria Johansdaughter Stormhatt died at the age of 81 years 27 days, she was born in the early december in 1771.

Isokyrö - Storkyro - christened

Years 1771 - 1771
Father's first name: JOHAN => Johan, Johannes, Johanss
Child's first name: MARIA => Maria
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

4.12.1771 8.12.1771 Tuurala Turjala Joh. Mich:sson Sus. Isr:sdr Maria

The village is Tuurala the house is Turjala.

On the top of the page Johan Michelsson and Susanna Israelsdr, Maria 1771
4th from the top, on the left of her, to Wörå, and IV. Down to the next IV
and there is Henrik Andersson born october 1767, on the right became a soldier in 1796, moved to Wörå in 1796, came from Nurmo to Isokyrö in 1791,
and below him the daughter Lisa born 01.12.1794.

By using hiski and http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/index_eng.htm
You can track this line or the others even further. :)


28-07-10, 00:03
WOW! I am absolutely shocked by all of this information. As far as I can see from the information that I have the second pdf pedigree chart is correct. I'm shocked. My father (Anna's grandson) and I thought for sure that we'd never find info on Anna since she immigrated from Finland and we're just both very very pleasantly surprised.

From my research, can I assume Borgmastar is a farm? I notice on the pedigree chart that most everyone has a title (?) can you explain this to me?

Tapio Rautio
28-07-10, 07:41

I´m no expert on Maxmo, but i would also think that Borgmästar is a farm name, and surname as well. In the charts the surename comes first.

A lot of data from the region is in hiski:

The database of original churchrecords at
is growing every day, hopefully soon there will be
records from the swedish coast regions. These "rippikirja"
charts tells the researcher so much more about the families.


28-07-10, 09:47
You can see Borgmästar farm in Maxmo by clicking on this link:


If it doesn't show up as a photograph, click the top right to change from map to satellite image.

If it doesn't work at all, put Borgmästar in the top search box and Maxmo in the second.

You can also click up and down on the + or - signs to see more or less.

Have fun.