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08-08-10, 04:06
I am looking for birth and death dates for Henrik. I know that he was married twice.
1. Susanna Eriksdr.-13.6.1762 and they had 11 children. She was born about 1744 and died 30.10.1786
2. Susanna Johansdr.-9.4.1787 and they had 2 children. She was born 21.10.1760--although the rippi has a birthdate of 15.3.1750?

Karen Norwillo
08-08-10, 15:32
What location, please?

09-08-10, 01:05
Kuortane parish

12-10-10, 12:27
Henrik was born abt 1741 and died 23.3.1803

vih. 13.6.1762 Kuortane Susanna HEIKKILÄ s. 1744 Kuortane k. 30.10.1786 Kuortane
vih. 9.4.1787 Kuortane Susanna Sippolan piika s. 3.5.1750 k.
Vappu YLI-HEROJA s. 1.5.1770 Kuortane k. 13.4.1843 Kuortane
Iisakki Yli-Heroja s. 9.5.1763 Kuortane k. 1778 Kuortane
Erkki Yli-Heroja s. 11.5.1765 Kuortane k.
Juho Yli-Heroja s. 13.4.1767 Kuortane k. 14.3.1768 Kuortane
Marketta Yli-Heroja s. 13.6.1768 Kuortane k.
- Heikki Yli-Heroja s. 28.4.1772 Kuortane k. 5.9.1832 Kuortane
Matti Yli-Heroja s. 30.3.1774 Kuortane k.
Liisa Yli-Heroja s. 8.7.1775 Kuortane k.
Iisakki Yli-Heroja s. 15.3.1778 Kuortane k.
Susanna Yli-Heroja s. 11.10.1779 Kuortane k.
Maria Yli-Heroja s. 11.7.1781 Kuortane k.
Kaisa Yli-Heroja s. 10.11.1782 Kuortane k.
Anna Yli-Heroja s. 14.9.1789 Kuortane k.
Juho Yli-Heroja s. 20.2.1793 Kuortane k.

That information i found from here: http://www.sukujutut.fi/haku/default.asp

In the database of Ekola Veikko

13-10-10, 00:34
Thannks so much. I got onto the website but I cant seem to figure out how to find the data. I clicked on the person's name but didn't get much farther than that. I really appreciate your help. Maybe I will be able to find information elsewhere now. woo hoo:)

13-10-10, 09:16
My english is not very good but I try to give some instructions. You can get inside each database by clicking "number box" in front of names. Navigation in databases works also by clicking boxes:

Etsi = search
Isä = dad
Äiti = mum
Puolisot =spouses
Lapset = children

In the search form:

Etunimi = first name
Sukunimi = surname
Syntymäaika = day of birth
Syntymäpaikka = place of birth
Kuolinaika = day of death
Kuolinpaikka = place of death

Boxes marked with + means you can go forward with that line

I hope this will help you :)

29-10-10, 17:19
Heikki Son of Isaac HEROJA OVER HEROJA 1741 Kuortane 23.3.1803 Kuortane
Anna Graham's Daughter Over-Heroja 14.9.1789 Kuortane
Erkki Heikinpoika Over-Heroja 11.5.1765 Kuortane
Heikki Heikinpoika Over-Heroja 28.4.1772 Kuortane 5.9.1832 Kuortane
Iisakki Heikinpoika Over-Heroja 9.5.1763 Kuortane 1778 Kuortane
Iisakki Heikinpoika Over-Heroja 15.3.1778 Kuortane
Juho Heikinpoika Over-Heroja 13.4.1767 Kuortane 14.3.1768 Kuortane
Juho Heikinpoika Over-Heroja 20.2.1793 Kuortane
Kaisa Graham's Daughter Over-Heroja 10.11.1782 Kuortane
Alice Graham's Daughter Over-Heroja 8.7.1775 Kuortane
Maria Graham's Daughter Over-Heroja 11.7.1781 Kuortane
Marketta Graham's Daughter Over-Heroja 13.6.1768 Kuortane
Matti Heikinpoika Over-Heroja 30.3.1774 Kuortane
Susanna Graham's Daughter Over-Heroja 11.10.1779 Kuortane
Mayday Graham's Daughter OVER-HEROJA 1.5.1770 Kuortane 13.4.1843 Kuortane
You showed me how to translate via Google, so here's the Google version!
SukuRaitti is very forgiving, like Hiski, you may only need to input 3 letters of a name but the tricky part is finding who has the best database for your names!

30-10-10, 23:56
1.vepesi-Thanks for the help on navigating that website, I really appreciate it. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond back. I have been out of commission for awhile.

2.JRipley-Also I am glad I could help with Googl translate but I dont know how I did that. But thank you for your information as well.