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K-G Molander
08-08-10, 06:07
I have found in TALKO 7 entries were her name is Ingrid Olofsdotter. I find no evidens for this.

The entry dated 26 Febr 1760 in probate records (film 67018 page 571), have her name as Ingrid Andersdotter.

Also, HISKI has her name as Ingrid Andersdotter in Kronoby burial records.

Husband: Lars Jöransson b. 22/23 Mars 1688 in Knifvilä.
Married: 1718 in Kronoby
Wife: Ingrid Andersdotter b. August 1685 in Påras, Kronoby. Died 2 August 1759 in Snåre, Kronoby.

If anyone can show evidence of Her name as Ingrid Olofsdotter I would like to know the source.

June Pelo
08-08-10, 16:32

I have the same information in my data, showing her as Ingrid Olofsdotter Snåre, daughter of Olof Snåre, b. ca 1660, Kronoby, married to Margareta Snåre, b. ca 1665, Kronoby. Sources: Hasse Krokfors, Hasse Nygård and Don Forsman.

K-G Molander
09-08-10, 14:18

Sources: Hasse Krokfors, Hasse Nygård and Don Forsman.

And what are their sources?

On attached document, se line 9.

June Pelo
09-08-10, 17:31
I don't know where they got their information. But if you think an error has been made, I suppose you should contact someone about it. I don't have an address for Krokfors, Forsman has died, and you know how to contact Hasse Nygård - if he hasn't already read this.