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15-08-10, 17:17

Emilia Asujamaa emigrated in 16 May 1906 from Finland (Migration Institute). I cannot find her at Ellisisland.org and therefore I would be interested in Emila Asizamda who arrived in Boston. Could someone do a lookup for me, please?

She was born 14 March 1878 in Kälviä Finland, and died in 1912 in Melmont (ghost town nowadays), WA. Her name was Emily Asuja/Rivers in the US.

I would only need her arrival information. (and marriage date with Victor Rivers, which occured in 1906 or 1907)

Thank you!

Karen Norwillo
15-08-10, 20:11
Here's her arrival 2 Jun 1906 SS Arabic. Whoever keyed that image was definitely "off.' It says Emilia Asujamaa. So far no luck with marriage date.

15-08-10, 20:34
Here's her arrival 2 Jun 1906 SS Arabic. Whoever keyed that image was definitely "off.' It says Emilia Asujamaa. So far no luck with marriage date.

Thanks Karen!

Victor Rivers was formerly Vihtori/Viktori/ (in NY arrivals: ) Viktor Ruokoja who immigrated to the US in 1901. In 1910 he is Victor Rivers in the census record. I wasn't able to find the first marriage date (with Emilia) in the Washington digital archives online but the second one was there.

Edit: I cannot read her destination in Lewis Co, WA. Is it Cleneden?

15-08-10, 23:53
I see some of these same people with records as:


Showing up in the LDS Family Search Pilot project:


16-08-10, 00:47
Ok then, I found the record online at Washington Digital Archive.

What did I do: I searched "marriage records, every county, years from 1906-1907, groom's name Victor"
I didn't search like this in the first place because Ellisisland.org does not let to you to make searches without last name and I was there before WDA.

And what did I find: "Victor Ruakajian - Emeli Asoja"

:) Words fail me (but almost there!)

16-08-10, 02:39
Could someone help me with this:

US census 1920
Name: Victor Rivers
Birth: abt 1884 - location
Arrival: year
Residence: 1920 - city, King, Washington

What was the city called and was he a boarder and occupation coal miner?

Karen Norwillo
16-08-10, 16:56
Here's your images from both the 1920 and 1930 census. Place is called Black Diamond (coal). He indeed was a coal miner. In 1920, he's a widower, in 1930 as single.

10-10-11, 05:47
I've searched the 1920 census at ancestry.com now because it's free for a few days. I noticed that Victor Rivers (you can see the census 1920 attached above in the previous message) would actually have "w" and "d" to indicate that he would be both widowed and divorced... Could that be so?

He widowed in 1912 as his first wife died. Then, in the WW1 draft registration card (dated Sep 1918), he named his nearest relative to be a Sophie Rivers - I don't know who she could be but neither his child nor blood relative, that's for sure. I assume Victor was married to this Sophie, maiden name unknown. I tried to find their marriage record at the WA digital archives with no luck.

In 1920 and 1930 Victor lives as a boarder at Selma Jackson's house. Selma is also widowed. She died in 1936, spouse's name was mentioned: Jack Jackson. Victor remarried 1939. One can speculate whatever s/he may like. :)

I tried to find this Sophie whom Victor divorced - or I assume this kind of thing - but no. I searched Familysearch.org, WA online archives, and Ancestry.com but nothing came up. Familysearch actually doesn't include but 3 counties with marriage records?

Can anyone help me with this mysterious woman?

10-10-11, 15:09
This may be a long shot, but...

The 1910 US Census shows Sophie Hill, age 26, born Finland, wife of Arvet Hill, age 27, born Finland, a coal miner at Black Diamond. They also had a daughter Elizabeth, born about January 1910. I can't find them in the 1920 US Census. And I can't find any other records for Arvet. Perhaps he died and this Sophie married Victor Rivers, whom you say was widowed himself in 1912????

If Sophie Rivers on Victor's WWI Draft Registration was his wife, she must have died before the 1920 US Census was taken; as Victor is shown as widowed (Wd).

Karen Norwillo
10-10-11, 15:48
Here are Victor Rivers and Arvid Hill's military cards. Arvid's wife Sophie was still alive in 1940's when Arvid had to register for "the old mans draft."

Karen Norwillo
10-10-11, 16:42
Here's Victor and Amelia in Melmont, Pierce, WA in 1910. They have been married 4 years and there are 3 children, Annie, Elsa and Elmer.
Actually, the wd on that image means widowed

Karen Norwillo
10-10-11, 17:25
I'm beginning to think there are two different Victor Rivers. I found a burial for a Victor Rivers in Pierce county, WA. It's a tombstone for 2, but you can't read the wife's name. I wonder if it's Amelia? She's not listed on Find-a-Grave, but maybe because you can't read the name. Just a thought.

10-10-11, 17:50
Thanks for you replies, BessemerFinn and Karen.

So it seems now that this Sophie is probably not Arvid Hill's wife. And wd is widowed. In the 1930 US census Victor is "single" again.

Karen, I have that tombstone photo on my computer and I'm pretty sure it's my Victor Rivers's stone. The birth and death years match. Amelia - or Emily or Emilia - is buried elsewhere: http://genealogia.org/emi/emi3d20p1e.htm
"RIVEN, VICTORIA -- Born 1879 in Finland. Died Feb. 26, 1912, St. Joseph Hospital, Tacoma, Wash. Usual residence Melmont, Wash. -- Married. -- Informant: Victor Riven. Burial at Tacoma Cemetery, Tacoma, Wash."

At the time Victor died, he was married to Lempi Laine who died in 1977 in Seattle I guess.

Yes, there were two Victor Rivers.

Karen Norwillo
10-10-11, 22:52
Arvid Hill 1883-1971 and Sophia Hill 1883-1966 are buried in Hillside Cemetery Isaquah, King, WA. She was Sophia Saarinen.
I found their marriage 6/24/1909 in King county, WA.