View Full Version : My Finnish Cemetery Tour - Tombstone pictures

15-08-10, 18:36

during the next two months I'm going to visit a few cemeteries to take photos of the tombstone of my relatives. If you would like to get a photo of your relatives' graves I can take pictures on the same trip(s).

Cemeteries in Kälviä, Ullava, Lestijärvi, and Toholampi.
The area of Jyväskylä, too.

If needed: Kaustinen, Kinnula, Veteli, Halsua, Reisjärvi, Kannus, Lohtaja, Sievi, Ylivieska, Himanka, Kokkola (downtown cemeteries), Ylivieska, Nivala, Joutsa. Some of these I can visit only in summer 2011.

I would need full names, dates (DoB+DoD) and the name of the cemetery, if possible, when there are several in the town/area.

Send me a private message if you would like to have pictures.

10-11-10, 23:35
I am interested in your Joutsa link as almost all my maternal line come from Joutsa.