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15-08-10, 20:58
Leena "Malin" Nilsintytär Hyytinen-Ollila, Höök. (Taulu 129) Emäntä, s. 1648 Lappajärvi, Savonkylä, Hyytinen / Ollila was her daughter.

But I am interested in the mother, Malin Månsintytär born 1618-1620 in Lappajarvi.

Is it more likely she has Swedish ancestry rather than more Eastern?
Does anyone have any information about her parents?

Many thanks in advance,

June Pelo
15-08-10, 23:41
I have her parents in my data with a note that the info came from Jaska.

16-08-10, 13:09
Thank You June!
I will message Jaska.

Unfortunately, I can only email and I don't use any messenger services, So I will hope Jaska checks the board in a few days

Jaska Sarell
16-08-10, 14:54
Hi J & J,

I don't have any more information than the names of parents as Niilo Olavinpoika (Nils Olofsson) Ollila and Leena Maununtytär (Malin Månsdotter), their approximated birth years and exact burial dates from HisKi:
D. Annunc. (25 Mar 1679) for Nils Olsson
D:ca 10 Trin. (15. Aug 1680) for Malin Månsdr

:) Jaska

16-08-10, 20:30
Thank you Jaska,
I am trying to correlate genealogy with genetics.

Malin Månsintytär is my genetic mother and someone in Finland descends from her too. We have completed an FGS and all our markers match, even several private mutations. We are mitogroup H1b.

Malin is the most distant maternal ancestress we know.

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June Pelo
16-08-10, 21:03

I have data about a number of people who descended from Malin. Do you know Vincent Erickson, Janine Seis, Mike Soderberg, Adrian Niemi, Rikki Nyman? They are all related to Malin's daughter Brita who married Erik Johansson Höök. If you have access to Talko, that data is included there.

18-08-10, 23:27
I sometimes have access to Talko, I find it difficult to use.
Here's what I think I know:

Malin had another daughter called Lena "Malin" Hyytinen-Ollila, she was born in Lappajarvi in 1648.
This Malin married Matti Juhanpoika Höök in 1671.

Regardless, all the women who are direct descendants of Malin are haplogroup H1b.

On my tree, I do see a sister for Malin, Brita who was born in Lappajarvi in 1657.

Please correct me if this data is wrong.

June Pelo
19-08-10, 00:20

If you want to send me a private message with your e-mail address, I'll send you a list of descendants. It's too long to post here.

19-08-10, 03:26
my private email is

Do you think you are up to another FinnFest ? It's sometime around the middle of August 2011. My husband Pete has been teaching at FSU. We are in Tallahassee if you need companionship!
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Hope we meet then,

June Pelo
19-08-10, 17:25

The data is on its way to you..