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23-08-10, 17:42
In the Facebook Group of the Genealogical Society of Finland is informed about activities of the Society as well as topical issues and updates of services on internet. Welcome to join the Facebook Group! (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=145271505495554&v=photos#!/group.php?gid=145271505495554)

Karen Norwillo
24-08-10, 17:19
I joined. Is there an option for English?

24-08-10, 18:23
Hi Karen,

As our new group on Facebook, is to be used as an way to inform our members and others interested in genealogy, about what's happening within the society and the services we provide, we will try to use both finnish, swedish and english, depending on the language group the information tries to reach.

For example an educational event where everything is in finnish, will be announced only in finnish, an seminar where there is many speakers, using diffferent languages, will be announced in all languages.



24-08-10, 19:02
hey hey thats cool, I just joined.

Wes Hakanen
30-08-10, 12:21
I just joined the facebook group. However the profile it connected to was my grandson, Wesley Hakanen. My facebook is under Wes Hakanen. How do I connect the correct facebook profile to the Finnish Facebook pages?

June Pelo
30-08-10, 19:46
This is the website that was posted:

Wes Hakanen
31-08-10, 21:38
June, Thank you. I rejoined the Society Facebook group and know my grandson and I both are members. It turns out that he was using my laptop and neglected to logout of his Facebook page. When I joined it connected his page. Thanks for your help. P.S. I have a friend whose Finnish surname is Palo.

June Pelo
31-08-10, 21:44

There is a Palo farm in Karleby, but our family has never used the name Palo. I think the name can be found elsewhere, also.

01-09-10, 07:58
Finnish actor Tauno Palo (1908-1082) was born Brännäs (there is a Brännäs farm in Pedersöre) he changed his name to Palo in the 1930ies and his descendants, some of them, also actors, have that name today. Nothing to do with the Palo farm in Karleby.


01-09-10, 08:55
Of the Palo folks I know, I think nearly all of them came from the north - Oulu and the area to the east of Oulu.

Wes Hakanen
16-10-10, 15:49
I have found the village the Palos from this area came from and my friend whose name is Palo has shared information he has researched thanks to all. Also I am trying to do a new thread and can't seem to find the avenue to do one. What am I doing wrong?

June Pelo
16-10-10, 16:25

If you want to post a new message in this Genealogy (Eng) forum, just click on Genealogy (ENG) at top of this page and it brings up a page where you can click on New Thread.