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Ingemar Ekman
06-09-10, 09:23
My distant cousin has been to New York and visited several cemeteries in Brooklyn, New York where the family lived 1930´s in hope to find this grave yard but no success. Little information about the family in New York: Aina Ingeborg Ström Andersson born 6 Dec 1876 in Jomala, Åland, Finland emigrated 1901 and she was married to Charles Mattson and they had two daughters Ester and Edit. The picture showing Charles Mattson at his daughter Ester´s grave. Is it possible to locate the cemetary/ grave yard in New York from this picture?
Thank you in advance for any information/ Ingemar

June Pelo
16-09-10, 15:53
Have you tried Cyndi's list? http://www.cyndislist.com/

June Pelo
16-09-10, 16:25
I found this Brooklyn cemetery that answers online queries:


Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn now has a "Burial Inquiry" on their website! Just go to the bottom of your computer display, and click on "Burial Inquiry". This will bring up a screen where you can enter surname and given name. You will be able to search over 500,000 interments instantly online! Many, many thanks to Beverly G. Kirby-McDonough for sharing this great find!

I also found this "Find a Grave" page: http://www.findagrave.com/index.html

Ingemar Ekman
17-09-10, 00:58
Thank you very much for your suggestions! I found about 30 Mattson (with different spelling) and a Charles P Mattson buried 1941-02-27 lot 35309 section 124 in Green-Wood but unfortunately I have no information when "my" Charles or his wife Aina Ingeborg , their daughters Esther and Edit died, other than about 1930´s for Esther

I have also looked at Cyndi´s list and checking the links for queries and message boards but I have not yet find any
that also allow attachment of the picture. I found several interesting links: "Brooklyn Genealogy information Page"
but no hits that corresponding with Charles family
The link http://www.bklyn-genealogy-info.com/Photo/index.html showing some old photos.
Best regards,
PS I found several relatives on the web site "Find a grave" and one corresponds well with my old query from 2006 and I will check
deeper into this and update the query.