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Tapio Rautio
10-09-10, 21:38
Pictures from Ilmajoki church records.

11-09-10, 01:05
Hi Tapio,
Thank-you for posting these images. I contacted Jennifer about these. I appreciate your time.
Cousin, Denise

11-09-10, 12:55
Thank you, Tapio and Denise!
Although I now have the 1900 US Census showing Matt Huhta born in Ohio in 1882 to Matti and Johanna, these documents surely show his roots in Ilmajoki.
Thank you again!,

Tapio Rautio
11-09-10, 14:45

Jennifer, do You have any more details about Mattis parents, from the 1900 cencus?


11-09-10, 16:19
Hi Tapio!
Matt's father Matt says his birth date is January 1854 in "Finland"
Johanna's birth date is recorded as March 1860 in "Finland". In addition she is recorded with the last name Scheiman-Huhta.

All of the children were born in Ohio, Ida age 20 at census time
Matt age 18
Alfred age 14
John age 10
Sophia age 8

It is apparent that Matt and Johanna are running a boarding house,
the household has 14 boarders who are men older than 22 all born in Finland.

That's all I have so far!