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15-09-10, 06:06
My gg grandfather John Wiiki was born 9.11.1875 in Ylistaro as Johan Johanss Walli. He and his brother Jakob born 6.10.1877 were adopted when their mother Susanna(Sanna)Josephina Johansdr born 30.8.1854 in Ylistaro remarried a man by the name of John Henry Jacob Wiiki.

I have no idea where to locate this information to possible find the adoption records.

The boys birth father is Johan Isakss. Walli born 6.3.1844 in Ylistaro. He was sent to Siberia for some kind of crime and never heard from again. :eek:

Walli Johan Ylistaro
Sen. oik.os. 1883 Da 112; Tuomittu rikoksista Turun rangaistusvank.; Torpparinpoika; VSV 1883/202 (572, 324); KKK 45/1881, 39; Ilm. Viip. lähdöstä 17/29.1.84; Tehnyt anomuksen päästä Sip. ja sen. suostui, H:ki 12.3.1883; Mvs ilmoitti keis. hyväk. 4/16.5.1883; 202-1883.

This is what I was lead to about their father.

15-09-10, 08:02
After 1826 the capital punishment (decapitation according to the Swedish law of 1734) was not put into effect. The convicted murderer was pardoned by the emperor and deported to heavy labor in the mines in Siberia. After 20 years of labor the prrisoners were allowed become settlers, but they could not leave Siberia. Needless to say few survived the labor. This custom was changed when the criminal law was reformed in the 1880-ies and murderers were imprisoned for life in Finland. Vagrants were also deported as "settlers" to Siberia.