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22-09-10, 18:49
Israel Israelsson PORO, b. 31 Oct 1834 in Jurva, d. 3 Dec 1882 in USA, Ohio.

1st spouse Lisa Jacobsdr Peltola, b. 4 Sep 1833 in Laihia, d. 6 March 1877 in Jurva. They had no children.

2nd spouse Maria Gustafsdr Isosalo, b. 10 Jan 1845 in Ylistaro, m. 26 May 1878.
Parents Gustaf and Justina RÖYSKÖ (later ISOSALO). The family lived in Ylistaro, Kaukola village, farm Muurimäki, when Maria was born. The HisKi database gives the birth.

After Israel married the second time he moved with his wife to America in 1881. There he died in the State of Ohio the next year. I do not know in which place there or what happened to his wife after that and if they possibly got a child there. Israel was crippled in his one leg.

Above is a direct quote from a cousin in Finland, all I could find was their immigration record from 1881, they traveled under the name Poro.
Can anyone help?