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04-10-10, 11:45
My great grandfather Otto Jakobsson Präst (Jackobsson?) also called otto jackson and maybe other names? spent at most 7 years in a row in USA. He was there 3-5 times. First time I think in 1905. I´ve found records for example at Ellis Island that shows he went to Telluride/ Colorado (possibly Pueblo too), Washington/ Seattle and as far as I know he worked as a miner in Tomboy Smuggler Union, Silverton and Bingham County( possibly also somewhere in Utah. He owned a farm in Ephrata /Grant County/ Wa together with a John Mattson ( wife Karolina?)As far as I know he was a " frimurare" and member of some order, maybe Runeberg Order. He might have been a "bootlegger" ( smuggler) when living in Washington. Some years ago I found a familytree including Jakob Jakobsson Knock in Pueblo, Colorado, I wrote and asked and the familt tree was moved shortly after.?

Otto siblings: Erik ( Häggblom), Karl married to Maja Brita Mårtensdotter Sandberg, Anna-Sofia married to Herman Eriksson präst of Kimo
I do have information about both my great grandmothers line ( Pensar homestead)and great grandfathers line.

Familytrees: Mårten Andersson Pesonen & Elias Mårtensson

Pictures:Otto in upper right corner in picture with other men and in front row at rigt in the car.

Homestead: Präst no 4 in Österby, Pensala

Jakob Jakobsson Knock (YtterJeppo) & Katarina Eriksdotter Ollandt
Johan Jakobsson Präst b.23/5 1777 & Susanna Eriksdotter Draka b.10/2 1817 second marriage: Maria Kajsa Johansdr.
Jakob Johansson Präst (Pensala)& Anna Lovisa Mattsdotter b.13/2 1848
Otto Jakobsson Präst (Pensala)