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Kaj Granlund
05-10-10, 17:28
This might be a picture of Matt Nylund born 5 Nov 1863 in Bäckby Esse Finland d 25 Jul 1946 i Astoria and his wife Louisa Loberg born in Dalabäck, Pedersöre Finland. At least the other picture is of their boarding house in Astoria. The children should then be Alena married to rev. Theodore Jansen in B.C. Canada and Esther (married Mrs Reynolds) musicteacher in Berkeley Calif. and son Carl , businessman.
Can anybody confirm this assumption?

05-10-10, 21:45
Definitely Kaj! This picture is that couple. Lovisa was called "Loberg" because she was born in Lövö, Pedersöre as a daughter of the crofter Henrik Gustaf Johansson Skruf and his wife Caisa Greta Andersdotter Kristola. Henrik & Caisa were the parents of my farfars far. I have them in my book "Lobergs Folttsi" which you can find in Pedersöre library.

Lovisa's granddaughter Carlotta Marie Nyland died a month ago. I have been in contact with her children many times.

Please notice that his name was not Nylund, but NYLAND (=New Land).

Where did you get the pictures? I would like to have a digital copy of them. I could send to Carlotta's children for verification.

Very interesting, Kaj! You could call me sometimes.

Christian Dahlin

05-10-10, 22:25
I have these and a few more pictures of Matt and Louisa in my collection. Matt sent (or gave them directly) to his cousin Viktor Sundqvist from Kronoby who was my great grandfather..

06-10-10, 07:56
Hi asjolind. I would appreciate to have those pictures and what more you have because I do researching in Louisa's family.