View Full Version : Im trying to find my grandmas half brothers sister and her father.

13-10-10, 21:42
Hi to all,

I haven't got much information to give.

My Grandma (Helene Sederholm) was born in Loviisa on 8th Sept 1923

No this is where it get complicated:

My great grandmas (Lena-Elisabeth Sederholm 7 aug 1883) whent o help her sister Iida Sandberg (Sederholm 20 sept. 1886).
As far as relatives can remember Iida had got ill and asked Lena to come and help in Finland. This is how my grandma came about :D.

Iida (20sept 1886) was married to Karl Sandberg they had:

Alfred Sandberg, he was adopted thats what my grandma said.

Agnes Sandberg i believe she was born in 1918 i think she would be
married to Viking Dahlgren.....but this is here say rather then
documented proof.

Aliide Sandberg

Leo Sandberg

Paul Sandberg ......grandma remembered that the boys where lost in war.

I think they all where born in Loviisa. Grandma used to speak Swedish, she was 6 years old when they came back to Estonia.

The Estonian church books are good in that way that you type in last
name and it give you all the names in every county / congregation.
Also it can come to as late as 1938 which would help me.

Dose anybody know what i would need to do to find out some more info.

many thanks for any advise you can give me

all the best