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Karen Kasper
26-10-10, 00:06
I have a big book on Moilanen genealogy. With it, I can trace the Moilanen line back to the 1650's and one Antii Moilanen. However, I can do it through at least FOUR different lines. This is because in at least three different cases, Moilanens married Moilanens. My question is: Would they have been aware they were marrying someone from the same lineage? The common ancestors in all cases were far enough back that they weren't even kissing cousins. The Moilanen book is in Finnish, so I have to use Google Translate for most of it.


June Pelo
26-10-10, 00:31
I don't think they knew they were all related. In my own family my grandparents are descended from the same ancestor, but my father and mother never knew they were related. Their parents came from different parishes in Finland and never had contact with each other. And when my father met my mother, he had no idea she was his 5, 6, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th cousin.