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05-11-10, 00:30
In the attached image I've pasted three entries for the same person.

Matts Mattsson Kocko was born 29.12.1751 and the top record shows his birth. The mother is listed first, and I believe it says that Matts Ericsson Kocko is believed to be the father.

The second record is found in the communion records for Eric Ericsson Kocko (Matts Ericsson Kocko's brother). Here the same Matts Mattsson Kocko is listed with his uncles family. The Matts Ericsson listed below him is his cousin and not his father. I do not know what the text before Matts Mattsson Kocko's name means. Any help here?

The third record is a few years later under the same family in the communion books. Here we have Matts Ericsson Kocko (1719) listed above Matts Mattsson Kocko (29.12.1751).

Can you please help translate the text before Matts Mattson Kocko's name in the communion records? I'm sure he is listed as an illegitimate child, but I would really appreciate knowing what the text says.


Jaska Sarell
05-11-10, 00:55
You have it quite right!

1. image:
Margeta Andersdotters ochta barn Mathias, fadren sades wara(?) Mats Erichsson Kocko, ... tog sig fven (even undertook him)
2. image:
brors ochta son Matts Mattsson (brother's illegitimate son)
3. image:
Bror Matts Erichsson
des son Matts Mattsson - tjenar i Uhle sochn (his son ... earns in Oulu/Ule parish)

:) Jaska

05-11-10, 04:17
Once again, thank you Jaska!