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Greg Brooks
09-11-10, 04:28
Looking for living relatives in Finland, family migrated to northern Michigan, USA early 1900's or late 1800's. Please refer to the attached files.

Greg Brooks
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Blanchard, Oklahoma 73010 USA

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Attachments removed by administrator because they contained information about living persons. Please Greg - try to repost information with sensitive information removed/altered /Admin

09-11-10, 08:18

Looked through your attached material.

I have to remove your attached material because of a legal problem. According to Finnish law we mustn't publish sensitive, personal information about living persons on the net. In your case you, as one example, have a copy of the "virkatodistus"/"ämbetsbetyg" -paper which contains information about persons that most probably are still alive.

Thus you have to rephrase your information in such a way that for example exact birth dates etc. isn't presented. The best way of figuring out what information we should put on the web is by putting ourselves in the same position. What information would we like to see about ourselves on the net as a result from googling?

Also - possible answers containing information about other living information than oneself should be sent through the PM -personal messaging method in order to avoid publishing sensitive data to the whole world.

Hope you understand the need for some sensitivity here.


PS. modified the "virkatodistus"/"ämbetsbetyg" to remove the most senstive data./admin

Greg Brooks
17-11-10, 11:07

Thank-you for correcting the problem, the problem that I have is; I do not translate the finnish language. Can you provide me the names of the living off that document? Or, provide me the name of the church which may have the latest records concerning my family?

Thank-you again

Greg Brooks
Blanchard, Oklahoma USA

yobybbag*aol.com E-mail

17-11-10, 15:03
One good way of translating for example Finnish words to English is to use the Google Translat (http://translate.google.com/)e function or a plain old fashion FIN-ENG lexicon

If you look at the "virkatodistus" -paper:

"synt." us the abbrev. for "syntynyt", ie. born
"kuoli" eq. "died"
the numbered and indented lines are children of the above couple
"muutti" eq. "moved"
the Finnish inessive -form ending is -ssa/-ssä meaning "in" - for example "Amerikassa" eq. "in America"
the Finnish adessive, also a form of location when in conjunction with place names: -lla/-llä "Kiteellä" eq. "in the town of Kitee"
then Finnish illative, ie. suffix consisting of a doubled vowel + n: "Amerikkaan" eq. "to America"
the Finnish ablative -lta/-ltä: "Luopajärveltä", eq. from the town/homestead named LuopajärviI guess you can figure out the persons not having any "kuol."+date might be alive - or better said, when the paper was written they were alive or there were no information about their current life situation.

After the "muutti" word you can see the parish/town/city the person moved to from this parish. This parish should have information about the person in question and part of his history after the move from the original parish that issued the "virkatodistus".

Parish contact information can be found at the web site of the Lutheran church in Finland, http://evl.fi - Part of the web site was temporarily down a moment ago otherwise I would have tried to find the more exact address.

You may try

http://sakasti.evl.fi/sakasti.nsf/sp?Open&cid=Content7B763The page is in Finnish, thus you have to fiddle around a little with the Google Translator (http://translate.google.com/).

Happy hunting

Hasse N

23-11-10, 03:31
Would like to hear from living relatives with the surname Nikko living in the Vähäkyrö area of Finland. This would be my grandfathers side. Grandparents emigrated to America (Minnesota) in the 1890's. They were Juho and Sophia (Holm) Nikko.