View Full Version : Mattsdotter/ Tanttu- Joutsa?

09-11-10, 09:29
I am looking for birth and marriage records for my great great grandmother's Maria Matsdotter (maybe Tantu) I have brith records for her sisters Anna Christina (born 13 dec 1829) in Hirvensalmi , Mikkeli and Helena born 13 May 1832 hirvensalmi- mother Judigt Tuukain and father Matts Tantu.
I can't find the other siblings birth records Wilhelmina Mattsdotter born April 8, 1838 and Maria Mattsdotter born August 30, 1835 maybe Hartola or Joutsa but cant find the record.
Maria Mattsdotter married Johan Markusson Dec 28, 1868.Marriage records would be great for the sisters as we are tracing maternal DNA cousins.
Maria Matsdotter apparently lived Uusi Hulikka farm in Joutsa.
Apologies but only speak English (Australian at that!). but any help or clues really appreciated. I will try to help others if I can. My tree is on www.geni.com. Family names are Ripatti, Tuukain, Tantu,Eva Poyry, Juhantytar, Markusson, Paulson, Haapala, Andersdotter, Laitinen, Lahtinen in Hirvensalmi Joutsa area.
Also Segerholm, Laitinen in Hartola.
Farms of interest Kurikka Farm, Wisapaa tenant house and Peltola farm Parnamaki, Haapala tenant house Pekkola farm nr 1(Meisonmaki)Joutsa.
Bjornila nr 1
, Parnamaki village- Hakoseika farm nr 3, Hipeli farm, nr 5- Kailio, rieponmaki farm nr 1, Oksala farm in meisonmaki Taipale tenant house.
Also Suonalmi in Hirvensalmi.
Any clues welcome.