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27-12-10, 17:26

A friend of mine asked me about the sailor Johan Gustaf Malmberg from Jakobstad, b. 1820, d 1905. Anybody who has more information about his ancestry and descendants?

Karen Norwillo
27-12-10, 20:27
Not sure what your friend has, but from Hiski Jakobstad
1.8.1820 Jakobstad Skep. Niclas Malmberg and Lisa Blomström..Johan Gustaf
25.9.1853 Sjökap. Johan Gustaf Malmberg married jungfr. Catharina Sofia Vinstén.
7.7.1827 sjötullsvaktm. Johan Vinstén and troll brud Anna Caisa..Catharina Sofia
18.5.1856 Alma Sofia
2.5.1858 Johan Ivar
29.10.1860 Georg, died 24.4.1861 5 months
4.7.1862 Hilma Anna Elisabeth, died 28.3.1891 28 år
1.9.1864 Axel Georg
27.11.1866 Irene Mathilda
18.7.1870 Gustaf Fredrik Bernhard. Johan now a Kapten. All births to him and Catharina Sofia in Jakobstad.
6.3.1904 sjökaptenenkan Katarina Sofia Malmberg 76 år.

27-12-10, 21:06
Thanks Karen!

This information is known to us. The point is that my friend believes she is a descendant of Axel Georg, but she has not found any more about him. I could not find any information on Talko Genealogy neither. It seems strange to me, because they seem to be from an important family of Jakobstad.

So if anyone has more to tell about Axel Georg it would be fine.

My friend is also interested in Johan Gustaf's ancestors. I could not find anything about them on Hiski.

Karen Norwillo
27-12-10, 21:29
Confusing info on Hiski. Niclas Malmberg is listed as Johan Gustaf's father, yet on 2.7.1818 a son Nicklas is born to Nils Malmberg and Lisa Blomström, same mother?
There is a marriage 16.11.1817 styrm Nils Malmberg and Elisabeth Blomström. None found for a Niclas Malmberg.
8.10.1791 Johan Malmberg and Christina Kälman had a son Nils.
10.9.1791 Gustaf Malmberg and Caisa Lund had a son Nils. Gustaf Malmberg died 1797.
Nils Malmberg died at 40 16.5.1834 in Lissabon. Should be age 43?

27-12-10, 21:38
My friend also believes that Niclas is sometimes spelled Nils. But the information on Hiski is confusing. Perhaps I should go to the archive in Jakobstad and take a look myself in the church records.