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05-01-11, 23:08
A church record refers to the man of a family in Västernorrland, Söderhamn, as "klamparen" in several different places. I've searched a Swedish dictionary form 1899 for any "kl" plus "any vowel" but can find nothing.

Has anyone out there ever heard of someone's occupation as "klamparen" in a parish?

Many thanks!

June Pelo
06-01-11, 01:11
In my dictionary it says klampa is a tramp!

Karen Norwillo
06-01-11, 02:07
Mine says klampare..one who sorts and stocks wood, worker at a sawmill or lumber yard. Swedish Genealogical Dictionary, Phyllis J Pladsen et al.

06-01-11, 05:50
Considering the location, and the farm on which he lives with family, the wood stacker etc is more probably the answer.

Good job!

June Pelo
06-01-11, 15:56
I agree. Mine says klamp is a block of wood, but adding an a makes it tramp.
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