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Robert Jokela
14-01-11, 21:20
I am very new to genealogy and this forum. I have a simple question. How do I find records at parishes in time periods not covered by HisKi? My grandparents were born, married and left Finland between 1875 and 1907. (I've submitted my GEDCOM and am patiently awaiting instructions.) Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

Robert Jokela
Duluth, MN, USA

Jaska Sarell
14-01-11, 22:30
For some parishes HisKi does cover years up to 1910. It all depends on volunteers inputting the data. Seems to have been rather slow recently.
You may find scanned original records at FFHA site (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/index_eng.htm), but anything less than 125 years old is for members only. Again 100 years is the absolute limit, though mostly they end to around 1900 due to availability of microfilmed material used for scanning. New images are coming all the time.

Please, tell what parish(es) are you interested in.

:) Jaska

Robert Jokela
15-01-11, 18:47
One parish I am interested in is Sievi. My mother said her mother, Hilma Marjamaa b:10 Dec 1875, and father, Gustaf Wilhelm Luokkala b: 24 Jun 1879, were reportedly born in Sievi and were married in Sievi in 1899. They left for the USA in 1908 and 1900, respectively. That should fall within the stated limits. I am less cetain about the other side of the family. My father's father was Wilhelm Jokela, b: 21 Apr 1879, and mother was Anna Pikkorainen b: 2 Oct 1880. I am uncertain where in Oulun Lanni they were born but he said they were married in Oulu prior to his emmigration to the USA in 1900. As I am new, I should check out the FFHA site today. Any guidance you can provide would be great.

Robert Jokela

Jaska Sarell
15-01-11, 22:31
Unluckily for you FFHA doesn't yet have Sievi records from late 1800's :(
Jokela is very common name around the whole country, Pikkarainen is most common in Kainuu (region 18 in HisKi), which is eastern part of Oulun lääni, but appears sparsely elsewhere. Tried to find Anna's birth record in most Kainuu parishes available at FFHA site, but with no luck.
Available marriage records of Oulu end to 1886.
Oulu communion book records (rippikirja) include 1891-1900, but I couldn't find neither Wilhelm Jokela nor Anna Pikkarainen living there. It is, of course, possible that they were just married there.

It's up to you whether you want to join FFHA and browse more records from Oulun lääni.

:) Jaska

Robert Jokela
19-01-11, 17:31
Thank you for doing some digging and pointing me in the right direction. After a false start in submitting an gedcom, I may be on my way. The Pikkarainen lead is hopeful. Our family has looked but not found the name and maybe questioned if it is even the right name. Yesterday, I found my grandfather Gustaf Luokkala's obituary and it lists Sievi as his place of birth. Again, many thanks.

Best regards,

Robert Jokela

27-03-11, 06:13
I have some Sievi records not available online. Gustav Wilhelm Luokkala links into one of my lines. I have a great deal of information on him. Marjamaa is not a Sievi surname, but that doesn't mean Hilma is not there. In the Sievi birth records there are two Hilma's born in December: one on the 9th and one on the 12th. Either could be her. There are no marriage records available after 1880 unless you have some one look up the marraige at the National Archives. The marriage record would tell you what name she would have been using (farm she was living on) at the time of her marriage. Contact me for more info. mtkar*bresnan.net