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16-01-11, 21:18
I am researching my husbands family history. Our last name is Malmstrom. His Frandfather was Aale Arthur Malmstrom from Houghton county? MIchigan.His Great-Grandfather was Leevi Malmstrom from Houghton county Michigan, but born in Findland. I believe Leevi's father was Issak Malmstrom, born in Nakkila, Turku Pori, Finland. Issaks father I believe was Erik Malmstrom.
My husbands grandmother was Lucille Niskarvaara. The Niskarvarra name was changed by Lucille's grandfather at some point and was changed to Harjala. I know Lucille was the only child born in Michigan. The rest of her family was from Findland. I think Lucilles father name was Matti. I have attached a copy of a birth record I received from someone in Findland, but I'm having a hard time figuring it out.
Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Tapio Rautio
17-01-11, 20:29
Hi Lori!


In this link You can see Joseph Påhlsson Taivalkoskis 29.03.1830-21.09.1860, wife Brita 05.02.1837-11.09.1890, re-married
with Lars Petter Poikela. They are living at Harjala. Your husbands line, Mats Josefsson 24.02.1859, has the note: "stjufson",
thats swedish and means stepson.

Mats Josefsson has a family with Brita Zachariasdaughter Manninen born 20.11.1863 in Taivalkoski, but I can´t tell if she is Lucilles mother?

1. Niskavaara Matti Josefsson, b. 24.02.1859 Pudasjärvi.

wife Manninen Brita Sakarintytär, married 05.01.1885 Taivalkoski, b. 20.11.1863 Taivalkoski rippikirja, 1891-1900 kuva 33.


2. Taivalkoski-Niskavaara Josef Pålsson, b. 29.03.1830 Pudasjärvi , Rippikirja, 1854-1861 Kuva 258, d. 21.09.1860 Pudasjärvi , Rippikirja, 1854-1861 Kuva 258. wife Harjajärvi Brita Matsdr, married 13.05.1856 Pudasjärvi.

3. Harjajärvi Brita Matsdr, b. 05.02.1837 Pudasjärvi , Rippikirja, 1854-1861 Kuva 205, d. 11.09.1890 Taivalkoski.

Great parents

4. Taivalkoski-Niskavaara Påhl Zachariasson, b. 20.11.1789 Pudasjärvi , Rippikirja, 1823-1838 Kuva 174. wife Räisänen Brita Josephsdr, married 01.04.1818 Pudasjärvi.

5. Räisänen Brita Josephsdr, b. 25.01.1795 Pudasjärvi , Rippikirja, 1823-1838 Kuva 174.

6. Luukinen Mats Matsson, b. 07.11.1808 Pudasjärvi , Rippikirja, 1813-1822 Kuva 309. wife Harjajärvi Carin Andersdr, married 08.04.1836 Pudasjärvi.

7. Harjajärvi Carin Andersdr, b. 23.12.1814 Pudasjärvi , Rippikirja, 1854-1861 Kuva 205.

Great Great parents

12. Kukasjärvi-Luukinen Mats Andersson, b. 14.12.1774 Pudasjärvi , Rippikirja, 1813-1822 Kuva 309. wife Petäjäniemi-Liikanen Brita Henriksdr.

13. Petäjäniemi-Liikanen Brita Henriksdr, b. 01.06.1775.

14. Säkkinen Anders Johansson, b. 14.11.1788 Pudasjärvi , Rippikirja, 1854-1861 Kuva 205, k. Pudasjärvi , Rippikirja, 1854-1861 Kuva 205. wife Ervast-Lassinniemi Beata Henriksdr, married 11.12.1814 Pudasjärvi.

15. Ervast-Lassinniemi Beata Henriksdr, b. 10.10.1780 Pudasjärvi.



Tapio Rautio
17-01-11, 20:40
The book of children, Taivalkoski 1891-1900.



22-01-11, 01:50
Thank you for your reply. From what I understand, Brita Zachariasdaughter Manninen, means her name is Brita Manninen and that she was Zacharias daughter. It looks like all of the names refer to either "dr" or "son" as showing who's child they are. What does "Kuva" mean? I am curious about the town of Harjala. I was under the impression that Harjala was the last name of some of the family. The story goes like this. Lucille's grandfather Niskavaara, took the identity of a dead soldier to escape the war. His last name was Niskavaara, but after became known as Harjala. I'm wondering if that may be correct? I do not speak or read Finnish so I'm trying to understand all that I can. Again, I really appreciate all of your help.

Tapio Rautio
22-01-11, 14:36
Lori, You got this son and daughter issue all right.

Kuva is the finnish word for picture, my references can be looked at here,http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/index_eng.htm
choose church records, then Pudasjärvi, then rippikirja and the years im referring to.

Pudasjärvi include Taivalkoski records until 1850, after that Taivalkoski has it´s own records.

Harjala is a farm name, not a town. In those days people took the name of the farm they lived on. Thats why Niskavaara became to be Harjala.



21-02-11, 20:44
Great news! I've found a family member with church records from Taivalkosken Church, Oulun Parish. In these records we found Poikapuoli: Matti Niskavaara, s 24.2.1859, vihitty 05.01.1885 Pritta Mannisen or Manninen kanssa, s 20.11.1863, menivat Amerikkaan 1903 ja 1905. So, my next venture is the Mannisen family.