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03-02-11, 03:02
The name Kärkisenoja shows up with various family Hiski records in Kannus Parish in the 1600"s and 1700's. Some names associated with Kärkisenoja are obvious subsets such as as Kärki, Oja, Oja-Michel and others are not clear such as Hanni and Ainali.

What is Kärkisenoja - a surname, a farm, a village, a collection of farms?

Thanks Eldon

04-02-11, 20:40
Mostly likely Kärkisenoja was a village in the early 1600's and part of Kannus parish that was subdivided over the years to create Kärki farm, Oja / Oja-Michel farm, Ojala farm, Hanni farm and Ainali farm. I am linked to all the family names stated but as happens to many of our searches we end up with a single ancestor with no parents or siblings.

Does anyone have an isänta list for Kannus, Himanka, Kälviä and Lohtaja for the period 1600 - 1660?