View Full Version : Eklund Fredrik Viktor born 1858 to USA about 1885

Ingemar Ekman
05-02-11, 12:42
I am looking for information about sailor Fredrik Viktor Eklund born 31 Mar 1858 in Sund Åland. He emigrated to USA about 1885 and returned back 1935 to Åland and died in Sund 1936 (as unmarried). Looking forward for any information about him, where he lived in USA and his occupation.
Thank you, Ingemar

Karen Norwillo
05-02-11, 18:15
I found the 1885 arrival of Fredrik Eklund. He came through Germany to New York. Cover page on Ancestry says
Frederick Eklund 1 Apr 1885 b. abt 1858 age 27, male, Aland Finland, landmann, Rhaetia (ship), Capt Vogelesang, Hamburg-Amerikanische, Dampfschiff (type of ship) Zwischendeck (accomodations) Deutschland, Hamburg to NY. Haven't found him elsewhere.

Ingemar Ekman
05-02-11, 19:47
Thank you very much Karen. I have forward you findings to my distant cousin Ove in Mariehamn. Maybe Fredrik Eklund continue to work as sailor more years and not was settled in USA after his arrival 1885. When he returned back to Åland 1935 he was 77 years old. / Ingemar