View Full Version : Maria Mathilda born Andersson in Vasa 1880

05-02-11, 15:17
Looking for relatives to Maria Mathilda Andersson, born 28.8.1880 in Vasa, Finland. Emigrated to USA year unknown. Married to a Mr. Pearson in Wore. Mass. could possible be a missunderstanding for Worcester? He was probably born in Christiania Oslo), Norway.

She had a brother Johan Andersson (my great grandfather) born 1876 in Vasa, dead 1920. Their mother was Lovisa Mortensdotter Andersson born 1851 and Maria´s father was Karl Andersson, born 1858. She had contact with the family in Finland at least as long as her brother and his wife where alive and perhaps later with her niece, Elsa Maria Andersson, born 1896.

28-02-11, 21:27
I was told that the name of the husband could also be Fredriksen or Fredrikson!