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19-02-11, 03:32
Hei All,

I am trying to help a friend connect with a living relative in Finland, descended from the family shown below:

Johan Henrik Tuomainen, born 28.3.1852, christened 20.5.1852, Staffanala 1, Leppävirta
Maria Paulsdr Laitinen, spouse, born 16.4.1848, christened 31.5.1848, Kotalaks 13?, Leppävirta; parents Paul Laitinen & Maria Markkain
Married 5.11.1876 (HisKi records only to 1851)

1. Gustav Wilhelm (Kustaa Wilhelmi) JuhoHeikinpoika Tuomainen, born 1.8.1877, christened 12.8.1877, Kotalahti 22, Leppävirta

2. Anna Elisabeth Tuomainen, born 29.8.1880, christened 25.9.1880, Kotalaks 21, Leppävirta; moved to Helsinki 20.3.1899; went to America via Canada in 1903; married Josef Mulju in Michigan, 1905.

3. Anna Maria Tuomainen, born 16.2.1883, christened 10.3.1883, Kotalaks 21, Leppävirta; first went to America in 1908; and made one trip to Finland in 1913, with a return to America the same year.

4. Kalle Herman Tuomainen, born 29.5.1887, christened 16.7.1887, Kotalahden Loiset, Leppävirta

5. Aina Aliina Tuomainen, born 8.6.1890, christened 28.6.1890, Kotalahti 24, Leppävirta; went to America in 1911

If anyone knows of this family in Finland, especially a living descendant, please contact me. Many thanks in advance.

Al Puromaki
Poland, OH