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04-03-11, 04:36
I'm looking for information on my great grandfather. In the US he went by John Adrian Carlson was born in Övermark, Finland on Jan 15 1884. He immigrated around May 5 1903 from Liverpool on the Oceanic AM Line and ended up in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Parents names are possibly Carl Johnson and Mary Hendrickson

If anyone has information that will help my research, I would like to hear from you.

Karen Norwillo
04-03-11, 16:24
Welcome to Finlander. What exactly do you want to find? Are you looking for info in Finland or US or both?
It would help to tell us what you do know.
Karen (born Upper Peninsula, MI)

Karen Norwillo
04-03-11, 17:52
I found a WWI Draft Reg Card for a John A Carlson, but it says he was born 16 or 26 Jan 1884, hard to be sure. Do you know if they lived in Schoolcraft county? I found one there. Wife named Etta. There appear to be several John Adrian Carlson on Ancestry.

04-03-11, 18:13
Sorry for the confusion, I have 3 dates for him Jan 15,25,26 and typed the wrong one in my Origional post. Yes this is the same John Carlson form Schoolcraft, married to Etta. His Draft Reg states a birth date of Jan 26 1884, but his death certificate said Jan 25 1884. I have Naturalization papers that say he was born in Övermark Finland to Carl Johnson and unknown mother. I also have in a wedding write up that states he had been "born in Finland to Carl Johnson and Mary Hendrickson on 26 Jan 1884"

From what I gathered Övermark is a parish in Narpes? Would they have birth records for Jan 25/26 1884? I am interested in his Swedish name, his parents names and any possible siblings.

I was searching through this site and not even sure its related. Was Övermark considered part of Ostrobothnia?

Also I hear about Talko? Would that possibly have information? Is there a list of known immigrants from Övermark around 1903?

Thanks for the help

04-03-11, 19:13
On the SFHS Wiki web site we have several databases that can be searched. The following one is the main emigrant database with material submitted by our members. Just key in the search criteria ("Övermark", "Etta" etc.)

SFHS Emigrant collection

Other databases can be found here also:

Other emigrant documentation databases

You may submit "your own emigrants" using this form

Submission form

04-03-11, 21:56
I will check if we in our archives have born until 1885 for Övermark church records.

04-03-11, 22:31
...From what I gathered Övermark is a parish in Narpes? ...


Many of the original and old Swedish language names are sadly forced to only Finnish in the Google Maps, but here you can see where Övermark is relative to the center of Närpes (=Närpiö in Finnish)

04-03-11, 22:47
Is övermark and öfvermark the same? I have seen references to both.

04-03-11, 22:53
It would help to tell us what you do know.

I know about his life in Manistique and a birth date in öfvermark or övermark.

04-03-11, 22:57
Is övermark and öfvermark the same? I have seen references to both.
Yes. Older spellings of "v" was "fv"

näfver=näver="birch bark"

...but "v" could also be written with "f" in the old days


05-03-11, 12:19
Adrian looks to be born on Kaare farm in Övermark. His father was a potter.
His mother was Anna Greta Henriksdaughter born Maars Korsnäs.
He has a brother John was born January 27, 1870 and emigrated to America 1890th
attach image from the parish register.


30-03-11, 13:29
I can help with some information on this particular John Adrian Carlson. I am dating his great-grandson (also with the same name!) What would you like to know?

31-03-11, 06:36
He is my great grandfather. I am trying to peice together decendents and learn as much as I can about where he came from in Finland. What life was like for his family and other siblings that also immigrated.

31-03-11, 13:42
I talked to his grandson Dave, and he is calling a cousin of his who I guess has already put something together! He did tell me that there were Carlson family members, not directly from John, that went to the first school started in Lansing Mi. I will post more when I can get more! Where are you writing from? We are in the Lansing area.

02-04-11, 02:48
I am unaware of any Carlson family members not direct decendents of John. I have been trying to figure out the circumstances around his immigration. Do you know of any siblings?

Btw I'm in the Ann Arbor area.

05-04-11, 14:31
Well I have hit a snag! I guess there was a relative (I can't remember her name!) that when she died alot of papers went missing somehow. In those papers were the records or papers we need! It looks like right now there isnt much info about the older generations! There is still one more person that i know that can be talked to. The next time i post i hope I have more! If it helps I can tell you my line of Carlsons. My bf is John Adrian Carlson, his father is David Carlson, his grandpa is George Carlson, and great-grandpa is John Adrian. Does that help? How are you related?

05-04-11, 23:45
My father is John Adrian Carlson, his father is William Adrian who is George's brother. *I have some info from George's wife Helen, but it seems John Adrian's ancenstors are a mystery.

Someone mentioned a chest of John's personal belongings that was supposively in a Klarich basement, but that house was torn down and no one knows there the chest went