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K-G Molander
22-03-11, 07:14
Anders Johansson born 17 Sep 1839 Kalibacka, Purmo. Married on 15 Dec 1860 in Jakobstad to Anna Sofia Johansdotter (Pelkos).

According to Göran Byskata at TALKO; Anna Sofia Johansdotter is born on 23 Aug 1841 Pelkos, ?? , Finland.
Were is Pelkos and who are her parents?

I have search HISKI (Nykarleby), but the date given, by Göran Byskata, I can't find in Nykarleby.

Greatful for any help.

22-03-11, 11:13
Only two results from HisKi for Anna Sofia Johansdr, born 23.8.1841

Kokkola - Gamlakarleby - christened

* Years 1841 - 1841
* Father's first name: JOHAN => Johan, Johannes
* Mother's first name: ANNA => Anna
* Child's first name: ANNA SOFIA => Anna, Annastina, Sofia

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
*23.8.1841 26.8.1841 Sjöm. Johan Rosenlund Anna 23 Anna Sofia

Peräseinäjoki - christened

* Years 1841 - 1841
* Father's first name: JOHAN => Johan, Johansson, Johanss
* Child's first name: ANNA SOFIA => Anna, Sofia, AnnaLena

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
*23.8.1841 29.8.1841 Peräseinäjoki Louko B: Johan Johanss Susanna Gabrdr 29 Anna Sophia

And Hiski shows this marriage...

Jakobstad - Pietarsaari - married

* Years 1860 - 1860
* Man's first name: ANDERS => Anders
* Wife's first name: ANNA SOFIA => Anna, Sofia, Anna-Chr., Annab.
* Wife's patronymic: JOHANS => Johans

Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm
* 15.12.1860 Skarpskytt Anders Simonsson Ström Pig. Anna Sofia Johansdr. Pelkos

22-03-11, 11:42
Peräseinäjoki Rippilapset shows Torpsdr Anna Sofia Johansdr, born 23.8.1841, Witala By, Loukko, admitted 1858. Rippikirja 1858-1862, shows her unmarried and living with her parents at Loukko.

Jaska Sarell
22-03-11, 14:00
Seaman Johan Rosenlund's widow and children in 1847-1854 (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=8237144), children in 1853-1862 (http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=8238012) including Anna Sofia with communion markings still in 1862.
Not a solution there either - probably a copying error of the date at some stage :(

BTW. Today Narc's pages seem to require zooming in once before anything comes visible :mad:

:) Jaska

Tapio Rautio
22-03-11, 19:55
Page 259
Seventh person from the bottom.
Says she is born in Purmo 23.8.1841, came to Jakobstad from Nykarleby 22.11.1856. Reference to page 235.

Page 235

Hope the records in Nykarleby församling would be completed soon, now the year needed for this question, is not online.


Jaska Sarell
22-03-11, 20:39
There's a birth record in Purmo on 23.8.1841 (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t6359922) of Caisa Lisa Johansdr at Stenbacka.
The family of Johan Jacob Johansson and Anna Greta Eliaedotter moved to Nykarleby in 1848 - from page 79 (http://http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=9037119) in Purmo CB.
Maybe Caisa Lisa and Anna Sofia Johansdr later served as maids in the same farm, and the birth date and place got mixed.
So far just a wild idea in this case, but based on similar experiences.

:) Jaska

Tapio Rautio
22-03-11, 20:48
Cool Jaska!

Too bad that the records of Nykarleby have been updated so slowly, compared to other parishes.

Hiski Pedersöre is nice pointing out the number of the page, but no new clues here...

Pedersöre - kaikki


Syntynyt Kastettu Kylä Talo Isä Äiti Lapsi

5.11.1861 6.11.1861 Kållby Soldaten Anders Simonsson Ström ifr. Lillkåll Anna Sofia Pelkos 20 Alexander

alkup - ALKUPKOMM: fol. 218
7.12.1862 9.12.1862 Kållby Soldaten Anders Simonsson Ström Sofia Jakobsdotter 20 Maria Sofia

alkup - ALKUPKOMM: fol. 218
27.1.1865 31.1.1865 Kållby Soldaten Anders Simonsson Ström Anna Sofia 23 Fredrika Wilhelmina

alkup - ALKUPKOMM: fol. 228
28.9.1867 29.9.1867 Kållby soldaten Anders Simonsson Ström hustru Anna Sofia 26 Alfred

alkup - ALKUPKOMM: fol. 228

Page 218 1856-1863



K-G Molander
23-03-11, 17:32
Thank you all for your suggestions and help in finding out more about Anna Sofia Johansdotter Pelkos.

I did a terrible mistake in my first entry were I typed the name as Anders Johansson Ström. As you all noticed, the husbands name is Anders Simonsson Strö.m. He is the son of Simon born 21 Dec 1816 Emaus, Purmo, who is a son of Anna Susanna Pehrsdotter born 8 Feb 1783 Manfors, Kovjoki, (husband unknown). She later married Eric Masttsson. Thus Simon in most entries is found as Simon Ersson. And the father of Anders Simonsson Ström.

Thank you again

Thank you again

Tapio Rautio
23-03-11, 18:41
there is this huge site called:

Main window, then choose genealogi, then Hemman 1548-1950,
then on the upper side: välj Forsby, arrow down and Pelkos, Pelkos F5 down : click ägarlängd (record of owners of the Pelkos farm)

Hemman A has a Kronoby connection to Sandbacka in Kronoby.

The family Jaska told moving to Nykarleby from Purmo in 1848 is also from Sandbacka Kronoby....



K-G Molander
24-03-11, 21:02
On this page http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=7155033 and under column "Kommer Ifrån" I seth ese markings G.B. fol 166. I assume it means page 166, but what is G.B. ?

Thank You.

K-G Molander
24-03-11, 21:03
On this page http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=7155033 and under column "Kommer Ifrån" are these markings G.B. fol 166. I assume it means page 166, but what is G.B. ?

Thank You.

Tapio Rautio
24-03-11, 21:12
Gamla Boken, Old Book, meaning the rippikirja before, 1849-1856.



Jaska Sarell
24-03-11, 23:12
I noticed on NA page that all church books (before abt 1860) have already been digitized, but uploading to the net is not yet all done.
This page (http://www.arkisto.fi/fi/arkistolaitos/tehtavat/saeilyvyyden-turvaaminen/digitointi/digitoinnin-edistyminen/) (in Finnish) lists completed parishes first and then parishes that are not or only partly uploaded.
As the complete job was started in the beginning of last year and of about 5 500 000 files, 4 447 000 files are online, I think that we don't have to wait very long time when all are made available. I recall that last week there were no communion books from Nykarleby, but today found two sets.
I guess it's better to wait until the helpful pages for this case are available.

:) Jaska

K-G Molander
25-03-11, 00:14
Thank you Tapio; Thank you Jaska; Thank you BessermerFinn

25-03-11, 14:19
Not being able to read Finn, how does one access the completed parishes?
thanks, Kathy

Jaska Sarell
25-03-11, 14:52
The page (http://www.arkisto.fi/fi/arkistolaitos/tehtavat/saeilyvyyden-turvaaminen/digitointi/digitoinnin-edistyminen/) I linked above contains two lists of parishes. The first one includes all that have both digitized completely and uploaded to the server. The second one includes the rest that are digitized, but not completely available yet.
See what's already there at http://digi.narc.fi/digi/puu.ka.
Also the project of making indexes is upcoming.

:) Jaska