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06-04-11, 04:19
Hei All,

June Pelo was kind enough to send me an ahnentafel for the family shown below. Now I am looking for more current information about family members who remained in Finland, especially living descendants.

Johan Abrahamsson Alaspää, born 10.6.1842, Veteli; parents Abraham Abrahamsson Alaspää and Maria Jakobsdr Kallinen
Mariana Henriksdotter (Pulkkinen) Alaspää, born 27.5.1845, Veteli; parents Henric Johansson and Gretha Lena Eliaedr
Married 6.6.1869, Veteli
Children, all born in Veteli

1. Alexander, born 2.3.1870
2. Maria Mathilda, born 16.7.1871; came to the US about 1890, with the name Saari; married Matti Kujala about 1891, probably in Michigan. The family also lived in Wyoming, Montana and Alberta, Canada.
3. Emma Mariana, born 19.4.1873
4. Johan Henrik, born 8.3.1875; died 28.8.1957 in Minnesota. Wife Maria Seliina Jaakontr. (Nikula) Alaspää, born 23.7.1881, Veteli, died 29.11.1942, Minnesota. Boston passenger list shows he may have come to the US in 1907 with the name Heikki Saari, enroute to Cloquet, MN, with wife Selina. Lived in Minnesota with the name Henry Saari.
5. Abram, born 22.11.1876; may have come to the US in 1898
6. Matts, born 23.12.1878; may have come to the US in 1899
7. Ida, born 7.12.1880
8. Hjalmar, born 3.3.1884
9. Helga Lydia, born 25.8.1886

Any help is greatly appreciated...

Al Puromaki
Poland, OH