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10-04-11, 04:15
I am searching for the Mannisen family. Rüta married Matti Niskavaara in Finland, then moved to America to join her husband in Copper Mine, Michigan. I have found her passage on ships, but I cannot find any information about her in Finland.
Thank you for your help
Lori Malmstrom:o

Ritva Winter
10-04-11, 06:54
..is probably the correct spelling of the name. However, I found nothing in the Hiski database, but several 'Oskars'. (Oskarintytär = Oscars daughter). Does the passanger list tell anything about place and date of birth?

Tapio Rautio
10-04-11, 09:19


It´s Brita Zachrisdaughter b. 20.11.1863 in Pudasjärvi,
father Riekki-Manninen-Tavela Zachris Larsson b.19.03.1824 in Suomussalmi married
01.04.1846 Pudasjärvi to Soronen-Tavela Brita Johansdr b. 12.03.1825 in Pudasjärvi



11-04-11, 01:46
Thanks again Tapio!