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18-04-11, 10:20
I am currently trying to find more information on another relative of mine. Actually I am trying to find more information about his family. His name was Isaac Daavittila. Supposedly he came from the Lumijoki Parish. I have tried searching the Hiski database with no luck. Does anybody have an experience with relatives from that area or does anybody recognize the last name Daavittila? I do know he got married to a Liisa Nygard (Pisila) who was born in the Siikajoki parish. Both of them moved to the United States with their 3 children. I appreciate any help. Thanks so much. :)

Michael Bankston

18-04-11, 14:30
Attached is 1880 Henkikirjat, showing the Farm Daavittila, Village Lapinniemi, Lumijoka.
I don't see the name Isaac, but perhaps he was too young to be shown in this record.
And you might see the names of his parents.

18-04-11, 15:06
Attached are the following records:

1905 Institute of Migration passport information for Iikka Juhonpoika Daavittila

1907 Institute of Migration passport and passenger information for Liisa Daavittila, with children Lauri and Elin.

1907 New York Passenger List showing the arrival of Liisa Daavittila and her two children.

18-04-11, 15:17
The Siikajoki birth record for Liisa, born 22.2.1882

18-04-11, 19:01
The attached record shows that on 3.4.1903, Iikka Juhonp. Daavittila, born 6.6.1879, moved into Siikajoki from Lumijoki.

The 1880 Lumijoki Henkikirjat shows Johan Johansson Daavittila, born 1843; wife Margreta, born 1842; and 3 male children (B 3-0). This could be the family of Isaac Daavittila.

Mary Lukkarila
09-05-11, 04:57
I also have ancestry in Lumijoki. My understanding is that records were lost when the church burned. Interesting that my ancestors also moved to Siikajoki.


18-01-12, 00:40
Daavidila Juho - farmer, died 21.8.1900 in Lumijoki
spouse Marketta Erkint (nee Hirvaskari)


Daavidila Iikka Juhonp b. 6.6.1879
Daavidila Heikki Juhonp b. 29.8.1881
Daavidila Jaakko Juhonp b. 17.8.1883
Daavidila Reeta Susanna Juhont b. 24.3.1886


see http://finlander.genealogia.fi/showthread.php?8130-Lumijoki-death-records&p=34550#post34550

18-01-16, 18:37
I am the great great grandson of Isaac. My grandfather was Lauri. Buried in Naselle, WA with other family members.