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23-04-11, 00:26
Frederick, rudolph (my uncles) arrived in the US in early 1900's with their mother, Matilda and my grandfather, Carl. My great grandfather was Hugo. What became of these men? Thank you, Sandra (Nyman) KInsey

23-04-11, 02:55
Passenger List for SS Majestic, which arrived in New York, NY on 19.5.1904 shows Karl Nyman, age 39; wife Erika (probably an error), age 39; children Linda, age 11; Fredrik, age 7; Hugo, age 4; and Rudolf, infant. All were born in Finland and they were going to join a b-i-l in New York. Karl Nyman had been in New York previously, 1901-1903.

WWI Draft Registration for Fredrik Albin Nyman, born 20.8.1896, Finland, unemployed, 135 East 122nd Street, NY, NY identifies Matilda Nyman, same address. WWII Draft Registration shows employed by Hotel Commander, Cambridge, MA; and identifies Martha Nyman, c/o Mr. Carhan, North Salem, NY

WWI Draft Registration for Hugo Sigfrid Nyman, born 5.3.1899, Finland, 311 East 123rd Street, NY, NY (sic), identifies Matilda Nyman, same address.

1920 US Census shows the family at 242, 124th Street, Manhattan, New York, NY

23-04-11, 02:59
Passenger List for SS Hellig Olav, which arrived New York, NY from Copenhagen on 2.6.1914, shows Matilda Nyman with children Fredrik, Hugo and Karl; going to join husband Karl Nyman, 225, East 126th Street, New York, NY

23-04-11, 03:11
1930 US Census, Carl Newman, wife Matilda, sons Fred and Carl, New York, NY

23-04-11, 03:29
this is so strange. My great granfather came over to the US in 1904 with his 3 sons, a "wife" named Erica and a daughter named Linda. My great grandmother, Matilda came over 10 years later with her 3 sons. Did these young boys go back to Finland and who were the ladies, Erica and Linda? Thank you all for such interesting input!. Sandra

23-04-11, 03:57
Unless you have reason to believe that your grandfather was married twice, I think "Erika" is a mistake on the 1904 Passenger List. If you look at Part 2 of the 1914 Passenger List, Column 17 shows that Matilda Nyman was previously in New York, 1904-1905.

The attached SS Oceanic passenger list shows that Matilda Nyman arrived in Liverpool, England, 11.7.1905, with children Linda, Fredrik, Hugo and Rudolf, apparently returning to Finland. Linda may have remained in Finland, as she did not accompany her mother and 3 brothers to New York in 1914.

23-04-11, 04:08
SS Adriatic Passenger List shows Linda Nyman, age 16, arrived New York, NY on 16.5.1907, going to join father Karl Nyman in New York.

Column 15 shows she was previously in New York, 1904-1906

23-04-11, 15:13
Column 29, Part 2 of the 1914 Hellig Olav Passenger List shows that Matilda Nyman and her 3 children were all born in Bromarv. Column 11, Part 1 identifies her father, Isak Öman (Öhman), Bromarv

Bromarv birth record shows Erika Mathilda, born 12.5.1864, Grundsund; parents Isak Adolf Öhman and Erika Wilhelmina Winberg (right page, No. 28)

HisKi shows Isak Adolf, born 22.12.1840, Öster:, Hangö, Bromarv; parents Hinric and Anna.

HisKi shows Erica Wilhelmina, born 24.1.1839, Pargas, Bromarv; parents Alexander Viberg and Anna Lovisa

23-04-11, 15:25
Bromarv Rippikirja 1857-1863, shows Erika Wilhelmina Winberg, and Isak Adolf Öhman, both at Hangö Wester eller Nygård; although this was before they were married (1st and 6th names on the page).

Also attached are birth records for Isak Adolf (left page, next to last name); and Erika Wilhelmina (right page, 3rd name up from bottom)

23-04-11, 16:45
Attached are pages from 1870, 1875 and 1880 Bromarv Henkikirjat, showing the farm Högkulla (#2), Village Pargas. They show Isak Öhman, born 1840 and wife Erika, born 1839.

Children are not shown by name, but rather by number and sex, because they were not yet of sufficient age.

1870 shows one female (B 0-1), most likely Erika Mathilda, born 1864; 1875 shows 2 male and 2 female (B 2-2); and 1880 shows 2 male and 1 female (B 2-1).

Erika Mathilda was probably the oldest child and by 1880 she would have been about 16 years of age. So it's possible that she moved out of her parents household, perhaps to find work. Either that, or one of the girls died between 1875 and 1880.

23-04-11, 17:25
Wow...Triplets were born to Isak Öhman and Erika Wilhelmina Winberg at Pargas...

Isak, Fredrik and Eva Lovisa, born 1.12.1870 (right page, last entry)

This accounts for the 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, shown on 1875 Henkikirjat.

I've been doing this research only for a few years, but have looked at a lot of records. And this is only the 2nd occurrence of triplets that I have ever seen.

23-04-11, 17:56
Sorry...my mistake...twins, not triplets, were born at Pargas, to Isak Öhman and Erika Wilhelmina Winberg on 1.12.1870.

The attached page shows that Isak Fredrik Öhman and Eva Lovisa Öhman, both born 1.12.1870, were admitted to the church in 1886 at Pargas (left page, last two names).

Which means another son was born between 1870 and 1875.

24-04-11, 02:19
I had hoped to find out what became of my father's 2 uncles but , thanks to you, find he also had an Aunt. In addition, I have added 2 sets of great grandparents to my family tree. I am so appreciative! Sandra

24-04-11, 07:48
Here is the family of Carl Nyman and his wife Erika Matilda as it was before they left Finland. Both Carl and Erika are distant (very distant) relatives of mine.
rdgs Henrik Bärlund


24-04-11, 14:10

1. Bromarv birth record for Karl Fridolf Nyman, born 24.3.1865; parents Erik Amandus Nyman and Emma Wilhelmina Dahlström (right page, 3rd entry)

2. Bromarv Rippilapset showing that Karl Fridolf Nyman was admitted to the church in 1880 (right page, 4th name up from bottom).

3. Bromarv birth records for Erik Amandus and Emma Wilhelmina (left page, last entry for both).

24-04-11, 14:20

1. Institute of Migration Passport and Passenger records, showing Karl Nyman traveled to New York in April 1902. The passport record gives his occupation as Sahatyöläinen (worker in a saw mill); and Remarks indicate that a wife and 3 children remained in Finland.

2. Passenger List for SS Celtic, which arrived in New York, NY on 4.5.1902. Karl Nyman, age 37, from Bromarv, is shown on line 13.

Happy Easter...
Al Puromaki
Poland, OH

24-04-11, 14:30
Attached is a page from Bromarv Rippikirja, 1850-1856, showing the farm Skata. Erik Amandus (8th name) is shown with parents Isak Nyman and Lovisa Eriksdr (1st two names) and 6 siblings.

24-04-11, 15:06
Even if the original question was about the fate of the Nyman's in the US, I here attach their ascendants in Finland.
rdgs Henrik Bärlund


24-04-11, 15:37
This may be Fredrik Albin Nyman, born 20.8.1896:

1939 NY Passenger List showing the arrival of Frederick Nyman, a painter, age 43, born Hangö, Finland; and wife Martha, also 43 (lines 14 & 15). Martha was born in Norway.

Part 2 shows that Frederick had previously been in the US, 1914-1939; having departed the US on 5/31 (1939); returning to NY on 7.10.1939; and going to join a b-i-l in Brooklyn, NY.

24-04-11, 15:54
thank you, very distant relative! My family tree has expanded and I'm so pleased to know I have relatives, however far removed! Sandra

24-04-11, 16:10
Our common ancestors lived in the early 18th century, at least 8 generations back. There is at least 32 different connecting paths from this Nyman-family and me.
rgds Henrik Bärlund

24-04-11, 23:26
Henrik - Thank you again. I'm very interested in my ancestors and for years have attempted to follow family lines but have never gotten farther than 3 generations. As far as I know, all my ancestors from my grandparents back,all came from Finland. I thought finding family would be easy! My father , Leo Nyman was an only child and never really knew anything about his heritage. He died in 1977. Hurray for the internet! He would have loved this search. Sandra