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25-04-11, 18:45
I am looking information about Anna and Victor Hill as they have daughter named Lillian as I am looking parents and siblings of Lillian Krogerus nee Hill. Lillian is born 1920 in USA and her parents are born in Finland.

Karen Norwillo
25-04-11, 21:14
Here is your Hill family in Colvin, St Louis, MN. They had a large family, all children born in MN
William Andrew 10 Jul 1903, Impi Adelia 24 May 1905, Emil Matthew 4 Aug 1907, Mamie 17 May 1909, Lempi abt 1911-12, Ernest 24 Sep 1914, Bernhard abt 1918 and Lillian (Lilly Ingeborg) 20 Dec 1919. Birth dates are from the MN Birth Index.
Says mother's maiden name Seppa. There are also 2 more births found for mother Seppa which are not on the census images. They must have died before 1920. Axel Oliver 20 Jan 1915 and Elise Irene 6 Apr 1918. All births in St Louis county.
On the 1930 census, Anna is a widow, Daughter Impi is also a widow. Listed as Mackey, could be Macki or Maki. She's only 24, says married at 16, 3 small children. Daughter Lempi is newly married to Leonard Tuomala. These are from Ancestry.com. 1930 on 2 images, Anna's at the bottom of pg 1.
Ther's one Victor Matt Hill on the MN Death Index which could be him. Died 1 Oct 1927, St Louis county, MN. Would fit the timeline.

Karen Norwillo
26-04-11, 03:26
Here's Victor Hill's WWI Draft Registration card. He is listed as Matt Victor Hill, born 30 Mar 1879.
From a brief Family Tree on Ancestry, Anna Hill was born 6 Sep 1881 and died 14 Dec 1969. The correct spelling of Impi's husband was Mackey.

28-04-11, 10:27
Thank you for replies. It seems that this might not be the right family as what I know is that they left at least two boys in Finland when they immigrated to USA according to information I have got from family USA members.

Karen Norwillo
28-04-11, 14:58
It might help to tell us what information you already have and what you know to be fact. It helps in narrowing down choices.

Karen Norwillo
28-04-11, 19:51
I looked back at the records I found, and taking information from an obit I found for Lillian's daughter, I think the family I found could be the correct one. From an obit for Norma Jean Krogerus, daughter of Edwin and Lillian (Hill) Krogerus, who was born Apr 7. 1946 in Hibbing and died Apr 1, 2011 in Essentia Health Medical Center in Duluth. She was a life-long resident of Balkan-Chisholm. At the time of her death, Lillian was still alive and living in Balkan, MN. Edwin died Oct 1978. The only Lillian Hill with parents Victor and Anna Hill is the one I found.

29-04-11, 20:49
According the new information that you gave it seems that this is the right family.

I have tried to find parents of Lillian Krogerus nee Hill as I am looking for the original surname as surname Hill is used in USA. I promissed to search information about brothers of Lillian whom stayed in Finland and their first names are Uuno, died about 1939 during the war and Veikko who died about same time. The problem has been the original surname which is unknown to me and to relatives in USA also I have not received Lillian's parents surname. Lillian had sister who's first name was Alma, birth place and time unknown to me but she has died in Utah, perhaps in Salt Lake City about 2000.

As you see I don't have much information about Lillian's parents. Norma, my 2nd cousin, past away few weeks ago. The information I have are from Norma.

Karen Norwillo
30-04-11, 01:49
It is possible that the original surname was Hilli. There are many by that surname on the Migration Institute site.
Many emigrants changed this name to Hill in the US. Just a thought. I'll see if I can find anything on that sister, Alma.

30-04-11, 17:03
Yes it's possible that original surname is Hilli but there is only one Uuno Hilli killed during war year 1940, born and lived in Himanka but he is not married as the information I have tells that he was married and his wife was a conductor in streetcar in Helsinki and they didn't have any children.

This is only I have on Alma (From Norma 2006): My mother's sister Alma (died a few years ago) belonged to the Latter Day Saints church (Mormons) and did vast research on family trees. Mostly she researched my mom's side of the family but I think that she researched my dad's (Krogerus) side also. The information is stored in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Karen Norwillo
01-05-11, 15:27
I found nothing on Alma. I wonder where she fits in to the children as far as birth order? Wonder if she could be Mamie and Alma was her second name? If the Hill's came to the US about 1898 as the census gives, I can't imagine how there would be two sons left behind in Finland. They would have been very young. Wonder if the two were perhaps Victor's brothers and not sons? The children's births start in 1903, so the two would have been born in the late 1890's. Seems odd. In the Michigan Marriage Index 1882-1995, I found a possible marriage for Victor and Annie in Michigan. There must be an error in the groom's surname as I can find no records of anyone on Ancestry with that name. Record says
Matti Victor Satenhoyer
1879 Finland 22
Annie Seppa
1880 21
married 24 Aug 1901 in Hancock, Houghton, MI
groom's father Andrew Satenhoyer, mother Annie
brides father Andrew Seppa, mother Annie.
film #1008269 p96 cr437 Michigan EASy Family Search Records
There was a Matti Hill in Hancock in the 1899-1902 Polks Directory
Can't imagine where they got that Satenhoyer from. It's certainly not Finn.

01-05-11, 20:15
I have also thought that Mamie could be same person as Alma but I cannot find anything else about her as she is in Tuomala familytree. I have tried to take contact maker of Tuomala familytree but have not get any answer yet.

Do you have access to that original mariage record of Victor and Anna as it might be that surname Satenhoyer is misspelled in netversion.

William Hill
Birth abt 1904 in Minnesota

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Victor Hill (1880-1927)

Anna Hill (1881-1969)

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Impi Hill (1905-1980)

Emil Hill (1908-)

Mamie Hill (1910-)

Lempi Hill (1911-1968)

Karen Norwillo
01-05-11, 21:40
Looking at that family tree on Ancestry, there are several errors in it. The Victor Hill that they use as the citations in 1910 and 1930 is not the correct Victor. There was a Victor and Anna Hill in Embarass, MN , but not the one you are searching. In 1910, there were already children and by 1930, Victor was dead. If there were no more children, then Mamie could be Alma.
Attached is marriage record of Annie Seppa in 1901. There was another record for same people where Matti Victor's name was given fully and this one where it's just Matti V, No image available for that one. All other info on it is the same.

Karen Norwillo
01-05-11, 22:23
Strange, after all this searching, I looked at the MN Death Index and found a death record for a Lillian I Tuomala who's birth date matches the date I gave for Lily Ingeborg Hill and who died 5 Jan 1976. Mother's maiden name Seppa. So if this is the daughter of that family, then the Lillian Krogerus you search couldn't be from that family. Looks like we may be back to square one.

Karen Norwillo
02-05-11, 15:39
Sent you a PM.
Just for completeness, in case this is Lillian's family,
Bernhardt Hill died 23 May 1988
William Andrew Hill died 3 Oct 1983
Emil Matthew Hill died 28 Feb 1995
Impi Adele Johnson (she must have remarried) died 4 Aug 1980
all in St Louis county, MN MN Death Index
I can find no other Lillian Hill born in MN in the 1920 time frame.

02-05-11, 21:12
I think that if there is information about Mamie's death, I have tried to find it without luck, and if it is about 2000 - 2002 then this might be right family.

I looked that list and it looks like surname is Satenhoyer and surname of Matti's mother is Hoyer. From Hiski I found surname Hoyer from Helsinki.

31-05-11, 18:51
Lillian had brother called Henry Hill. Here is his obituary:

HENRY HILL: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice
Duluth News-Tribune (MN) - October 22, 2000
Deceased Name: HENRY HILL
Henry Hill, 76, of Chisholm went to be with his Lord Sunday, Oct. 15, 2000.

He was born Dec. 16, 1923, in Lawrence Lake, Minn. Henry was a foreman for E.J. Longyear Drilling Co. in Keewatin, now known as Boart Longyear Co.

He was a member of St. James Episcopal Church in Hibbing, American Legion Post 0247, Iron Range Historical Society and Kiwanis Club in Chisholm. He was an avid conservationist.

Henry is survived by his wife, Mary Hill, of Chisholm; daughters Elizabeth (Robert) Andres of North Port, Fla., and Mary Jane (James) Buzzie of Lansing, Mich.; sons Terry (Rose) Mattson of Duluth, James Mattson of Motley, Minn., and Martin Hill of St. Paul; a sister, Lillian Krogerus of Chisholm; several nieces and nephews; and his beloved grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Henry was a friend to many and will be greatly missed by his family who loved him dearly.

Eucharistic Memorial Service: 11 a.m. Tuesday in St. James Episcopal Church, Hibbing. A luncheon will follow immediately, where family will receive friends. Florida arrangements by Farley Funeral Home, North Port, Fla.

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