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29-04-11, 01:09
My grandmother was Tyyne Sivia Karmeniemi born 10 may 1896 in the Vipurri area. Her father was Adam born about 1870 and her mother was Hilda Maria born 1861. I know she had a brother Armas and at least 2 sisters, Mirjam and Rosa. Tyyne came to the US in 1921 with her mother and a niece, Maire. In 1922 she married Karl Nyman and my father Leo was born in 1923. Any information about her siblings or ancestors would be greatly appreciated.

Ritva Winter
29-04-11, 06:58
This is what today can be found about the Kaermeniemi family in the two databases Hiski and Katiha. Several persons with the same name can be found, but it is impossible to connect them.
Information will be found if the letter 'a with two dots' is used.

The time limit for information is 100 years in Finland, the sisters mentioned must be born after 1900

Viborgs domkyrkoförsamling/Cathedral parish - Viipurin tuomiokirkkoseurakunta - döpta

Faderns förnamn/Fathers first name: ADAM => Adam, Adaminpoika
Faderns efternamn/family name: KÄRMENI => Kärmeniemi (Kaermeniemi)
Född/Born Döpt/Bapt By/Village Gård/Farm Far/Father Mor/Mother Barn/Children

2.12.1884 7.12.1884 tyoem/worker. Adam Kaermeniemi vmo Hilda Maria 24 Lydia Sigrid

2.6.1888 24.6.1888 Ajuri/driver' Adam Kaermeniemi vmo Hilda Maria Hokkanen 28 Adam

1.4.1890 18.5.1890 Adam Kaermeniemi vmo Hilda Maria Hokkanen 30 Taawetti

10.5.1896 31.5.1896 Renki/'farmhand' Adam Kaermeniemi v. Hilda Maria Hokkanen 36 Tyyne Siwiae

6.8.1899 3.9.1899 tyoemies/worker Adam Kärmeniemi v. Hilda Maria Hokkanen 39 Armas Adam

29-04-11, 18:30
SS Celtic Passenger List shows Rosa Kärmeniemi, age 28, born Viipuri, father Adam Kärmeniemi, Viipuri, arrived New York, NY on 28.1.1912; going to join sister Lydia Peltola, East Orange, NJ

SS Hellig Olav Passenger List shows Lydia Peltola, age 30, born Viipuri, mother Hilda Kärmeniemi, Viipuri; arrived in New York, NY on 19.6.1915; going to join husband Oscar Peltola, East Orange, NJ; previously in the US 1911-1914

Tapio Rautio
29-04-11, 19:15

From hiski:
Lemi moved out
From To Departure Arrival Village Farm Person Place
24.8.1880 Adam Adaminp. Kärmenniemi to Lappeenranta

Lemi Census 1880,
Adam Kärmeniemi 31, wife Walborg 31, children: Adam 55, David 63, Eva 52

Hiski Lemi married:
Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm
9.6.1851 B:s: Adam Eliass: Kärmenniemi inh dr Valborg Andersdr Sairain Uimi
original - MSVUOSI:grooms birthyear 1831 original - VSVUOSI: wifes birthyear 1831

In the attachment Lappeenranta churchbook (rippikirja) 1880-1889
In the middle of the page Adam Adamsson Kärmeniemi b.06.07.1855 and Hilda Maria Hokkanen b. 10.10.1860 St Michel (Mikkeli) on the right, marriage 31.10.1880 and the moving to Wiborg.

The marriage, last couple on the right side of the page:



30-04-11, 00:24
My mistake - Mirjam was not a sibling. And Rosa was the oldest sister but her name was incorrect in documentation making her more difficult to find. But I'm thankful for new additions to my family tree and appreciate. all of your input. Sandra