View Full Version : Forada/Fogde in Eveleth 1905

Stig Fogde
24-05-11, 20:22
The 1905 Census for Minnesota shows that a couple by the name of Mat and Anna Forada (sic) were living in Eveleth, Missabe Mountain Township. At least Mat, age 39, was from Finland. There is a slight chance that the person behind the misspelled name was my great grandfather Matts Fogde, born in Malax in 1865. If this is so, the finding would be sensational to me, since so far I haven't been able to corroborate the rumor that Matts, who left his wife and 4 children behind in Finland, remarried i.e. committed bigamy. His wife was 10 years older according to the census. Anyone out there familiar with a couple by this name in or near Eveleth around 1905. I'm still trying to fill the 10-year gap in Matt's history between 1900 when he lived in Calumet, Michigan, and 1910, when a person by the name of Matthew Frogden turns up in Macville, Aitken County, and 1914, when a man named Matt Fogde, from Brookston, St. Louis County, dies in Duluth.