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25-05-11, 01:36

US census 1920 (at Ancestry.com) shows a Finnish "Loui Rivers" who lived in King, WA, at that time. Could someone check his data for me, please?

25-05-11, 13:35
Attached is the 1920 US Census showing Loui Rivers, age 28, born Finland, single, came to the US in 1913, a coal miner and boarder at the residence of John Hangas, Cumberland Precinct, Township 21, King County, WA

25-05-11, 14:08
Thank you, BessemerFinn!

I'm sure that Mr Loui Rivers is my gguncle Ludvig Ruokoja. I was missing information about him from the year 1920. One explanation was that he wasn't at home when they conducted the 1920 census. In the 1930 census his name is Ludvig Ruokoja "again". :)

25-05-11, 14:40
You are most welcome...

Best Regards,
Al Puromaki
Poland, OH