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Mary Lukkarila
26-05-11, 04:01
I am trying to find out the name of the family before it was Djerf. On the family web site, http://www.jurvansuu.net/, there is a page with Djerf and soldier names. I do not understand what the chart means. Maybe this is more a question for translation.

Kiitos, Mary

Jaska Sarell
26-05-11, 10:27
It looks that the origin of soldier Lars Ericsson Djerf is not known :(
That is often the case for soldiers, unfortunately.
The name is a typical soldier name that doesn't give any clue - djerf, in modern Swedish spelling djärv = bold.

:) Jaska

Mary Lukkarila
27-05-11, 05:34
Thanks. It was what I thought.