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02-06-11, 15:48
hello -
I am looking for ancestry information and family connections with the following ancestors:

Erik Henriksson Sundahl (1792-1862) married to Albertina Pehrsdotter (1811-1871)
son Karl Wilhelm Sundahl (1845-??) married to Anna Englund (1847-1935)
son Karl Anton Sundahl (1869-1955) married to Anna Karlson (1866-1962)

Abraham Thorsberg (1790-1844) married Hevid Christina Jarnstrom (1805-1851)
son Carl Reinhold Abramhamsson Thorsberg (1835-1868) married Anna Sofia Blomqvist(1837-1901)
daugther Anna Karlson (married Karl Anton above)

I can provide more information if needed.

Kirk Peterson

Karen Norwillo
02-06-11, 15:53
It would help if you post exactly what you hope to find. You don't give places of birth, did any emigrate, etc. That will certainly aid in tracking.
Welcome to Finlander.

Karen Norwillo
02-06-11, 16:18
There is on the MN Death Index
Karl Anton Sundahl
4 Feb 1869-18 Apr 1955 in Carlton county, MN
Anna Sundahl
14 Dec 1866-14 Nov 1962 St Louis county, MN
Could this be one of the persons you seek?
There's a full family tree on Ancestry.com poster: kuchynata
Gives names of children, births-deaths. Matches what I found on the MN Death Index.
Karl Wilhelm born in Sonboda,Sweden, Karl Anton in Näversholma, Ahvenanmaa, Finland.
Does this match?

02-06-11, 18:04
Thanks Karen -
I am (relatively) new to all this, so thanks for your information and suggestions.

I have all that sort of information in my ancestry file, but I wasn't sure how much information to include in a forum post.

I am hoping to find more ancestry, and detail about ancestors (where they lived, and etc). And also interested in any living relatives.


Karen Norwillo
03-06-11, 02:13
Are you familiar with Hiski, the genealogical record site in Finland? It has a wealth of info in Föglo. It appears Sonboda is located here. There are birth dates, marriage dates etc. Since we don't know how complete your info is, it might be worth your while to take a look. Has the marriages of Eric Henricsson and Albertina, births for them, marriage of Karl Wilhelm and Anna.