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09-08-11, 22:50
My name is Janice (Jan) Marttila O'Leary and I live in Burnsville Minnesota. I formerly was a member of the Finngen mailing list and I found a lot of helpful people on the list as well as new relatives.

My mother's father was Heikki Justus Kaaponpoika Vajesoja born 29July1875 Alavus Finland, died 4Sep1956 Virginia MN. Changed his name to Oja. Family names are Pyylampi, Asunmaa, Lähteenmaa, Penttila, Haveri, Röyskö, eventually leading back to Matti Pentinpoika Peltoniemi, 1549.
My mother's mother was Maria Matintytär Pukkila born 28Nov1875 Alavus, died 7Jul1949 Virginia MN. Family names are Jokela, Rasinaho, eventually leading back to Kustaa Olavinpoika Pennala, 1670.

My father's mother was Maria Katariina or Kaisa Vipusaari born 20Feb1880 Jalasjärvi died 14Jul1960 Virginia MN. Changed her name to Mary Katherine Saari. Family names are Suomula, Vuroenpää, Leppala, Maja, eventually leading back to Heikki Olavinpoika Koskue
My father's father was Jaakko Marttila born 26April1882 Ylikiiminki Oulu and died 18nov1918 Mountain Iron MN USA, during the great flu epidemic.....this is the person I am having difficulty finding any information. I have his original passport from Finland,number 324, and verified his birth date as 26Apr1882, not 12Apr1882 as his obituary reads, from the Institute of Migration website. I also have a copy of his declaration to become a US citizen which stated he arrived in Boston MA USA 26Apr1906 on the SS Saxonia. He then traveled to Mountain Iron MN to visit a friend, also named Jaakko Marttila. I have a copy of the ships manifest which stated this information. The only other thing I know is that he had 3 brothers, names unknown. I searched Familysearch.org a couple of years ago and found his name along with possible parents Jeremias Marttila and anna Leena Gretantr. Mäkelä. Now when I check Familysearch I find nothing and the website has changed. I am unable to find these names in Hiski, (Ylikimiinki and surrounding area.)

I was hoping to find someone who can help me with my search of Marttila.