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05-09-11, 23:28
My YDNA shows that i have quite a few Finnish ancestral cousins ---or let's say inhabitants of Finland who must be descended somehow from (Dane?) ancestral cousins of mine. I assume these must have been settlers or merchants perhaps who traded in the Baltic & in the Vaasa, Karleby areas.
I believe the Finnish YDNA might link to Kolam. I have no papertrail evidence; only a series of clues emanating from the Y-DNA.
Most of my YDNA is Anglo-Norse from the Orkneys & Angus (possibly?), from Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire & (much later) Essex. In other words, the Danelaw areas of Britain before during & after 1066.
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June Pelo
06-09-11, 03:00

I have a lot of Kolam names in my database. Do you have any names I could check?