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24-09-11, 23:34
I am a newbie looking for information on the Juthstrom family from Yettermark, Narpes, Finland. M. Irene Juthstrom was one of many children of Johann and Mija. Does anyone know who else was in that family?

June Pelo
25-09-11, 02:20
You didn't give any dates, but I wonder if you are referring to Johan, b. 1849 who married Maja Lisa Udd, b. 1845... they had 9 children. They had a daughter Maria Irene, b. 1887 who was married to Frans Strandberg.

26-09-11, 20:31
Hi June,
That is certainly the family to which I was honored to join way back in 1959. Frans Elmer Strandberg, your acquaintence, was my husband's oldest brother. His wife Elsie died last winter. They are both buried here in Massachusetts. His mother, Marie Irene, was married to Frans Oscar Strandberg who came from Kaasko and died here in 1961. My late husband was Verner Raymond, and we were involved in the Historical Society for a while. I recall typing for Fran, some articles that were published back some 15-20 years ago, in the Quarterly.

I will be heading for Punta Gorda late in October, and perhaps we could get together for lunch at some point this winter. I find getting around on this website a bit confusing, and if you are willing to give me your e-mail address, I would be more than happy to give you any of the little information that I do have on the Strandbergs and the Juthstroms. There are so very few of them left, and it up to me to save what i can for my son and his family. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Joann Foley Strandberg

June Pelo
26-09-11, 22:14

Check your private messages..