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26-12-11, 23:06
Just introducing myself :) My name is Tracie. Unfortunately, I am not Finnish - we all can't be that lucky. But, I have been interested in doing background research on a Finnish man who died on the Titanic in 1912. His Finnish wife survived and lived permanently in the USA, but his story is not as well known. His name is Pekka Pietari Hakkarainen, and he is from the Hakkarainen and Räsänen families near Kuopio. I have been able to connect him to an uncle (Pekka Räsänen, a Lutheran pastor) who lived in Paattinen until 1903 or 1904, then emigrated to Pennsylvania USA. Pekka Hakkarainen emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1905. His parents were Heikki Hakkarainen (of Nilsiä) and Maria Räsänen, who resided in Kuopio. His brother, Heikki, apparently had no children, and his sister Maria Miettinen apparently had 14 children, several of whom emigrated to the USA eventually. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can find more information about Pekka's life (1884-1912)? I know there is a Hakkarainen Family genealogy site, but I have yet to make contact with them. Thank you so much, and happy hunting to all of you tracing your own genealogies!