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14-02-12, 13:00

came across this forum in a bid to try to find more Finnish genealogical resources online, I have looked at Hiski and SSHY and such sites and have a lot of work done already.

I am half Finnish and my main interest is Karelia from maternal grandparents side. I have the Karelian tree done already, and have traced back to 1713! thanks to Katiha.

I have still work to do on other parts of the tree, tracing grandparents from other provinces. I havent a problem with Swedish or Finnish translation ( can read enough to make progress!) just the lack of information available! I have exhausted Hiski as far as I can and am hoping there will be updates to this database soon or at least updates on when further parishes will come on line.

Nice to read posts from other members and see the progress you are all making!

June Pelo
14-02-12, 13:45
What names are you searching.. maybe some of us with large databases may have some names of interest..