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Alice Finnerty
29-02-12, 15:49
Hello Everyone GREETINGS from Michigan - Its been awhile since I have been on Finlander and I miss you all!
I have been busy with genealogy locally and wanted to share with you a web page started by our web master Diane from our local Wexford County Genealogy Org.
She is doing a GREAT job and is starting a forum too.
Please check out our site http://wexfordgenealogy.org/index.html
We are new to this and would love your help & suggestions. Good things are happening
at our organization. We are moving our physical resources to a new location that will be accessible to more people. WE have big plans to grow. I hope you will check us out on the www and help us with suggestions. Don't forget to sign our guest book!
Thanks for your help. - Alice
PS... I had the great pleasure this winter of meeting June Pelo. What a great time we had together. We are so lucky to have June with all her wisdom and knowledge.

June Pelo
29-02-12, 19:55
Hi Alice,

Just checked out your great website... good job. It will take a while to look at everything... I'll pass your website on to a few other people. I enjoyed meeting you way up in the boonies in Michigan...