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09-02-04, 09:27
There seems to be an increasing amount of new members that do not disclose any information at all.

I perfectly understand a certain portion of caution. One should be careful of what one publishes about oneself on the web.

But, on the other hand, should we demand some information anyway? If a person doesn't want to reveal his or her's true identity or place of living, it would at least be nice to know something about interests, genealogical preferences, perhaps profession et.c.


09-02-04, 17:32
I agree that caution about personal info on the web is wise. I would however like to know which families the anonymous new member is searching. Sometimes I recognize a name as belonging in my family tree. I am always searching for cousins!

Tracy Boeldt
09-02-04, 18:44
I agree also--I like to see who is in our community of the forum!


09-02-04, 22:13
Sune is on the right track... Heja Borgå!

The information stored in the profile isn't containing "dangerous" stuff.

By joining a discussion forum we all signal that we want to be part of the discussion. Some take part more frequently than others - and that is their right.

However we should all at some point introduce ourselves with a few words, telling who we are, if we are digging up our family roots, what surnames we are interested in, what towns or municipalities in Finland we are researching etc. etc.

This shouldn't be too much asked!

If we think that the messages shouldn't be viewable for all then there is always a possibilty to show the messages only to people that are logged in.

Would this be the functionality we want to have: messages showing only if you are logged in, ie. the forum knows that you are a member?